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The hidden years,127, old numbers

Door San-Daniel gepubliceerd op Monday 17 August 21:05



Old numbers

It was nice to see how the lip had been, rough and strong, a primate first class. In his own way he had made it, he had respect in the team and was now married to the daughter of the boss, which linked him to the company, he had no more worries in life. I was genuinely pleased with the tip about a possible job at Bill Haybe’s, I decided  to immediately call him after work. ‘You're not dozing away,’ interrupted a smiling Shirly my stream of thought. ‘No, no, it may seem so,’ I replied, ‘but I am preparing myself  to clear the tables ' ' yes I understand,’ sighed the waitress, ‘it seems a battle has raged. ' So it was, here and there lay a chair upside down, there was no tablecloth that was not covered with stains or crumbs. You became despondent when you looked at it and I realized what I did not like about this work. There was no appreciation and it was never finished and you had to be able to accept that, I understood that I was not cut out for serving folk.

Everything had already become routine and my work would not change my salary was just enough to keep the car running and I had no problems because I got free food, but this was not exactly a dream job. The hour came when the last plate was washed, I dried my hands and scooped myself a huge plate with bacon and scrambled eggs and tomatoes, I picked up some bread and sat quietly at the bar. I saw the phone on the corner of the bar and pulled out my wallet ,. Somewhere in there, was the number of Bill Haybe. I could not find it and immediately I felt cast down . I had met him at a trucker's stop in a time that seemed like an eternity ago. In the Indian area. His Artic trailer stood parked beside my truck with trailer and he gave me his number.

It had been beside the torn ad for apprentice plumbers. I took one bite and emptied my purse, it was also a good opportunity to muck it out. Then, under a picture of my mother, I found the note. It was still readable and it was a Calgary number, you could see that from the beginning code. ‘Dating,’ Shirley asked, sitting down next to me, 'No', I said, 'I was looking for a number, but I have it now, may I use the phone? ‘ ‘If it is in the city,’ she answered, ‘and not too long, eh.’ So I slowly ate  my plate empty and then Shirly left, I ran to the phone and dialed  the number, but after endless ringing I realized that there was nobody on the other side to take it on. I lingered a little and drained another cup of old coffee and tried again, again with the same result, no one on the other side.

The days passed and no more friends came along. The lip had only accidentally visited us and I tried Bill Haybe several times, but after the umpteenth time I gave up and I dug every day after work back through the newspapers. So it was that I was hiding in the newspaper, lost in thought, when someone  laid a heavy hand on my shoulder. ‘Hey,’ said a deep voice, ‘I may drop dead if you are not the driver of the drywall construction lorry, should you not be working man?’ Next to my table was Bill Haybe. 'Mister Haybe, ‘I began,’ what good to see you, I've tried so many times to call but you never answered. ‘ ‘That's not so weird,’ laughed the man, ‘I do not have a phone anymore, so that must have been an old number that you were calling, but why did you want to speak to me, do I owe you money,’ and he laughed thunderously so that the room filled with his laughter.


‘No,’ I said, ‘it came to my ears that you have a lot of work and were looking for drivers and I'm just between jobs.’ ‘Then we need to talk seriously, so you know what work we have ‘said Bill,’ can a man get anything to eat here or has breakfast just ended? ‘ ‘I'll get you something from the kitchen,’ I replied, and I rushed to the kitchen. ‘Hey fatso,’ I shouted to the cook, get me quickly some eggs and bacon and beans, while I work the toaster. ‘ ‘How come?’ Asked Jim, my work time is almost done. ‘Do I need to come to you and personalize it’ I asked as I slowly walked up to him. ‘It is all right,’ Jim said, 'I'll throw it in the pan. ‘So it was that my future boss Bill Haybe a moment later sat at a good hearty breakfast. When he finished eating, he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and burped loudly and said, 'Man, that was a good breakfast, but now we have to talk.’

San Daniel 2015

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