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Kitchen business

The days passed and there was a routine in the work. Every morning we were just in time for the  pack of hungry men who came to breakfast and afterwards, my first trip was to the toilets with mop and bucket and then I’d do the dishes. Between everything you filled trays up and took your dirty dishes immediately away from the tables. You were busy in a way, an enjoyable process, really. I  was standing next to the door leading to the kitchen to watch over the restaurant,  next to the kingdom of Jim and oversaw everything. That place had become a bit like my rest station. You were close to everything and immediately you saw if someone accidentally spilled something over.. Then you’d grab a cloth to clean the table and you raced there. ‘Let me help you a minute,’ you would say, 'what  were you drinking, then I'll get a new glass for you. ‘ Moments later you stood back  at watch, waiting. For two long hours the dining room turned  into a beehive, with a peak during the first hour.

I stepped into the kitchen and I smelled the cook before I saw him, that really was a vile man. Now, after almost a week, he still had the same shirt on, it had become just a bit more stained and smelled of sour sweat. He saw me looking, and he removed the cigarette which had gone out in his mouth. ‘Have I got  something on from you,’ he asked in unfriendly tone? ‘Fortunately not,’ I replied and walked towards dishes, a huge blow struck me between my shoulders and because it came unexpectedly, I was slammed to the ground. Can you believe it he just slapped me. ‘I do not like the clever Sambo sorts,’ he said, tapping the cleaver in his hand. ‘Stand up and try me, I can see that you want to,’ he laughed a hollow fake laugh. ‘You are quite a man with the knife in your hands,’ I said as I got up. His heavy boot hit me on my shoulder and I spread out again.’ Hey jungle boy,’ he laughed, ‘I do not need a knife at all, what do you think of my outfit?’ ‘It suits your ugly gobb,’ I said and I saw just a flicker of fear in his eyes. I crawled back a ways and stood up, ‘it went all poorly,’ I continued, I'm sorry, ‘and with an icy voice I said, 'let's try to be friends.’ I came up to him with outstretched right hand and he put the knife down to shake my hand. ‘No hard feelings,’ he asked?

I thought of Freddy and heard him say in my head; he is vulnerable now. I jumped in at once and grabbed his head with both hands and brought it down on the sink with great strength, ‘No, I said, 'no hard feelings'. I lost control of myself and tried to immerse him with his head in the sink with the scalding water. He braced himself with both hands next to his body he set himself to it, which he could not, because I kept kicking him with full force under his ass. ‘No,’ he bellowed when his head was only inches above the water, 'uncle'. I don’t hear please, ‘I shouted and pushed him a little more forward. ‘ please, uncle’ came the now almost pleading voice. ‘Not loud enough,’ I called back, ‘I'm going to wash your filthy gob '' In the name of God uncle,’  the man cried now. I heard the door behind me open. In God's name please, I said to him, otherwise your head will soon look completely different.


‘Let him go, 'I heard the commanding voice of Shirly. I gave him a little nudge. so he just touched the water and released him and then jumped back. ‘Don’t anyone move,’ barked Shirly, 'what's going on here? ‘ ‘You first,’ and she pointed to the cook who was still trembling, ‘just ask him,’ he said and pointed with an outstretched finger at me. ‘Jim is my boss and friend, I said, and helped me with the sink and before we knew it we frolicked a bit.’ 'Chef romps too much with his stooges, ‘Shirly said. 'Is everything all over again, ‘she said with a smile to my side? ‘Nothing bad ever happened, ma'am,’ I laughed, ‘or did it chef?’ The cook had his dignity restored, ‘No,’ he agreed, ‘nothing bad.’ ‘Well back to work then,’ said  Shirly

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