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‘You know,’ I began, ‘everything is better than a week or two slumped in front of the TV.’ We know a lot more about a place called Dead Horse and its history, these have been a few weeks that I will never forget. ‘ ‘That goes for me as well,’ Bev said, ‘do not forget the chucklewigs, there is something there which is unknown to the outside world, but I have felt a presence, something really very strong.’ ‘It's easy,’ said Don, ‘I thought it was nothing and then you are not disappointed if the outcome is nothing.’ Richard looked just in darkness ahead of himself. ‘Gosh Richard what you think of the whole think,’ I asked? ‘Less than nothing,’ he replied, not so much about the adventure but it now falls apart to the very last bond. ‘I do not understand what you are saying,’ I said, ‘what don’t I understand, what has happened that is a big secret, that I just should not know about?’ ‘Man. all of you are nothing, you follow dreams. dreams that are worth nothing, I am willing to lay down my life for my country, for you as it should be necessary, you are dust blowing around a bit 'and he got up to leave. ‘You were really worked on by these officers,’ I said, 'Rico' I continued, on purpose using his construction nickname, ‘we are out of the building trade , my friend, we have stood together against Indian knives fighters ‘cause of the fault of mad Freddy, You've hung 15 floors above the traffic from a steel beam and I have brought you in, who's here a bunch of dust and worth nothing, what the hell are you talking about? ‘ ‘Them,’ he said simply, pointing to Don who sat with averted eyes and to Bev who watched far away, without seeing anything. ‘Ask them.’

He got up and said, ‘maybe I'll call you’ and waved mug friendly and stepped out the door. 'Okay,' I said, 'what was this about' and I looked at Bev who was coloring to her ears. ‘It was about me and the army,’ said Bev 'and make decisions that are important in your life, according to the military that he spoke to, he was looking for me a few days ago and said that he wanted to talk about something important and when I met him for a coffee, he grabbed my hand and said it had gone on long enough. ‘ ‘What had lasted long enough,’ I asked bewildered. ‘The puppet show with Don,’ said Bev, ‘he said he loved me and that it had always been like that, and that he could not allow me any longer to be with a jerk. Don looked indignant the other way and then turned to me. ‘What do you think of it,’ he wanted to know? ‘Yeah’ I said, ‘so I know the building trade well and Richard is  a man in one piece that is clear and that brings about a lot of respect.’ ‘So you find me a jerk as well,’ said Don? ‘Ah, a jerk is a big word,’ I said, ‘but I think highly of Richard, higher than you are or ever will be. You can not help it because you lead a different life. ‘ ‘I'm so done with this,’ Don exclaimed and got up, ‘I am going and you 'and he looked at Bev' are coming with me '.


‘I see Richard’s point,’ I continued, ‘I too have feelings for Bev and I looked at her while she held my eyes for a moment,’ but I do not come out with it because we're friends. ‘Is there anyone interested in what Bev thinks of this whole  business,’ said Bev 'and indirectly she made me laugh, it was so Bev in a nutshell. ‘Yes,’ I said, 'you speak your heart Bev, ‘‘ I’ll wait outside, ‘said Don, and walked away without even giving me a glance. Bev looked at me and then walked up to me and planted a kiss on my cheek, a very cautious chaste kiss and said, ‘I love you all, but Don needs me most of all.’ She stepped back and continued ‘I want to have  a last good look at you so I will not forget,’ and before I realized what was going on, before it dawned on me that this was a goodbye, she turned and walked toward the door and disappeared forever from my life. I stared after her and came late to the realization that it was not a bad joke. ‘Then,’ a voice behind me, ‘there was only one Sirtaki dancer and Pop looked at me. ‘Let go,’ he said, ‘sometimes the weak need more attention, have another coffee.’

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