The hidden years,121, blinkin' gold

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Blinkin’ gold

She tore open the envelope and pulled out a typed sheet from it. She read it first silently to herself and looked at us then. I'm not sure exactly what it says here, I'll reread it. It began with a formal salutation and she paused at the properties.

Properties of the examined
• Chemical group: sulphides
• Chemical Formula: FeS2
• Crystal system: cubic
• Hardness: 6.0 - 6.5
• Density: 5.0 to 5.2 g / cm3
• Fission: No
• Color: copper yellow
• Gloss: metallic.


She paused in,’ I do not know whether it is good or bad news,’ we asked, ‘is there more 'and she nodded and continued reading.

It is a disulfide with sulfur pairs (S2) 2, and Fe2 + ions in an octahedral surrounding t2g6 went into a low spin state. As a result of the fact that both ions have a closed configuration, it is a diamagnetic semiconductor.

In the weathering of pyrite occur iron (hydr) oxides, which also releases sulfuric acid. This acid may then enter into reaction with other minerals, and thereby lead to the formation of, for example, gypsum, and aluniet jarosite.

'Well who can make some sense out of this is brilliant,’ she said when she paused for a moment. ‘Wait,’ she continued, ‘I haven’t  read the conclusion.’

The tested mineral is an important iron ore and sulfuric in origin. It is often well-formed euhedrishe crystals in the form of a cube with characteristic striations and with a gold sheen. It is also known as tinsel or fools gold because sometimes it is taken for gold. However, the name cat gold is sometimes used incorrectly, this refers to yellow mica or resin. Because pyrite occurs it can create the illusion of great wealth. However, pyrite is not worth very much (although it can be sold). In this case it concerns mainly yellow mica with a commercial value of about 2 cents per ton.

We know then, ‘sighed Richard,’ I had never heard of Pyrite. ‘. ‘Oh no,’ came the voice of Pop with a surprised tone?. ‘In my homeland, it was used to make a fire.’ ‘What do you mean Pop, 'I asked? ‘You know my grandfather was Greek,’ said Pop We nodded in the affirmative, Pop had taught us to dance the Sirtaki, one evening after a school dance. ‘Pyr is Greek for fire.’ the man continued, ‘if you hit Pyrite then it sparks. It was also in the hammers of old handguns used to ignite gunpowder and so firing a bullet. ‘ Precisely, ‘I said,’ so maybe it does have value if we find enough '. ‘Not if you want to use it for weapons,’ said POPs, 'it was unreliable and sometimes did not spark ‘ ‘When used, it might serve for stove makers, the panes are always of mica.’


‘I think,’ said Don, ‘we have screwed up a lot of time on something that is worth  two cents per ton if someone is interested at all. ‘Whether you have screwed up your time I can not judge,’ said Pop delicately, ‘but you still learn from any experience, right or wrong, may I offer the almost millionaires of yesteryear a refill,’ and he gave the cups a filling up.

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