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Blinking gold

I was looking forward to it when I had changed clothes and drove towards POPs, I had showered the day off me and I had not had a minute regret about my actions that had made me unemployed within a few seconds. It would be nice to see my friends again, it was weekend and I was wondering what the evening would bring. The Pontiac glided through the streets and made her way on autopilot to the home base, POP’s burger bar. I saw Bev's sweet face through the window when I guided the heavy American into an empty box, she smiled at me and I melted. ‘No, but 'Pop exclaimed,’ there we have the missing Sirtaki dancer', when I stepped through the door opening. ‘Hi Pop,’ I greeted him back. ‘Could you do me a black coffee?’ Bev looked at me quizzically, ‘You've lost weight,’ she said, ‘you do not look out of place but you should not lose more weight that makes your face too narrow.’ Dear Bev, who saw everything at once, girlfriend, mother and big sister in one.' I was not planning to, ‘I replied, laughing,’ I've had a tough week, but that now belongs to the past. ‘

‘You've had a tough week,’ complained Don, 'man, we only do assignments. ‘ In everyone's life there had been tough weeks, I realized it would be impossible to explain how my week had really been. ‘Was your week heavy as well,’ I asked Richard, who was giving rather dark looks towards us. ‘Well,’ he began, ‘more a week with big decisions.’ ‘Tell me, I said, 'what decisions have come on your way?’ ‘About what I'm going to do when I finish school.’ ‘What are you gonna do, you know that?’ ‘Yes,’ Rico said, ‘there were some officers from the army, who gave us a talk in the auditorium and I started listening and afterwards I talked a bit about the military.’ ‘You do not seriously mean it, I exclaimed,’ Man, you can see daily on TV what is happening in Vietnam? ‘. ‘That's an American war but before you know it you' could  also be in such a situation!’. ‘I have just signed up for a medical check up, that can not hurt, thought Richard?’ ‘Holy shit man, where is your mind,’ I said hurt, you flee a construction team that manages murderous Indians and you choose now to go for walk deliberately seeking danger? I do not understand that man. ‘. I have not signed anything yet, ‘said Rico, and I'll talk to you soon, enough is going on in my life.’ ‘I have a bad feeling about it,’ said Bev, Richard do not do it, let it go.


‘Well,’ said Don, ‘if Richard wants to start the training because he will soon have highschool finished, then he has to do so, such people, after all, are also required.’ Both Richard and Bev gave Don a withering stare. What happened? There was a lot that had gone past me, obviously I missed a lot of information, things had happened in the time that I was digging trenches. . Don, however, looked stoically ahead and said, ‘maybe it might be interesting if Bev opens the letter that could change our lives!’ ‘What letter is that?’ I asked puzzled, they spoke only here in riddles.

‘From the laboratory,’ laughed Bev, ‘you still remember the gold samples?’ I must confess that my life had only been involved in digging and recovering from the heavy work. Deadhorse Creek looked like a century ago. ‘I have received a letter,’ she continued, ‘I assume they analyzed the samples and after opening it we know where we stand!’ ‘Oeh,’ I said, ‘exciting, but wait a moment’ when she pulled out a large envelope. ‘. First I want to know if we still agree that whatever it brings is still equally divided? '. ‘Yes.’ said everyone. ‘ ‘I can not wait, Bev,’ I said, 'open the bleeding envelope, ‘and she obeyed laughing and opened the envelope that would change our lives.

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