The hidden years,115 lake Bonavista

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Lake Bona vista

It was early and the blue Pontiac made his way through the streets of Calgary. I had left  earlier than necessary from home, I wanted to stop for a coffee on the way to my new employer. The pancake house beckoned me with  her sign, I still felt a hangover after the  love-in weekend and I turned the chrome button on the radio which immediately blurted out 'a whole lotta love'. The radio fell silent, and the silence returned in the cabin of the old American while drifting to rest in the parking next to the brightly lit impersonal pancake restaurant. I stepped inside and was the only customer, a girl with dark hair looked at me quizzically. ‘Good morning, what will it be, ‘she asked me with a winning smile. 'Give me a coffee, please’, I smiled back, ‘I actually came to see if Debbie was working today.’ ‘She resigned  by phone’ the girl answered. ‘We won’t see her here anymore, ‘ a girlfriend of yours?’. ‘Yes and no,’ I replied and I thought of Ken and Jane and the world that would remain closed to me, Debbie was already far away now, in one or another of Ken communes, or would that have been a fad? I knew the answer without thinking too much, I could cross off her from the ever shrinking list of people I knew. My world was getting small. New work, and colleagues that you left behind, Shirley who was married to a soldier and had initiated me into the love game and dumped me when he came back from a peace mission. So much had happened! Mama Fuzzy, who had been ‘blown’ of a building. I felt just old and tired, I shook it off me. ‘You were far away,’ the girl said. A penny for your thoughts. ‘My thoughts are not worth a penny,’ I said as I got up. ‘Ah,’ she said, ‘such a day is it?’ I nodded. ‘Some days,’ I said, 'are rainy days while the sun shines. ‘ ‘Time to go again’ I said, and I swallowed the last bit of drab away. ‘Feel free to come and visit us,’ the girl said, ‘I work every day this week until 4 pm. ‘I'll try to remember,’ I said as I touched my hat.

At the turning of the key old machine immediately growled with pleasure, I turned the chrome knob. I recognized right away 'Kashmir' and realized that I wanted to travel to exotic locations away from it all. It was rock but very oriental in style and so I drove away from the pancake house where I would never come back again. Everything is a goodbye, I thought and I headed towards lake Bonavista.


You recognized the building site from afar, the land had been leveled and the swarming of people with safety helmets on. I did not know where to go, but pointed the nose of the old American to a construction trailer that was placed central. People were walking in and out of there. I got out and the door of the Pontiac closed with a loud metallic ‘clank’ I had left the last piece of security behind me, the day could begin, whatever it would bring. The foreman, I asked the nearest man? He just pointed to a large figure who had a role of building plans under his arm. I headed for the man and immediately spoke to him. ‘Good morning, I'm the new apprentice plumber I had to ask for you you.’ ‘So, then I will put you immediately to work,’ said the man, I'm Ken, ‘ don’t forget my name. Big Ken ‘How come they are always so pushy,’ I thought, ‘these men that became forman? He took me to a gully where men with a shovel were working. ‘So men,’ said Big Ken, let me see how long this one can last, ‘and he pointed at me. A feeling of uneasiness crept over me.

San Daniel 2015

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