The hidden years, 114, downers

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Had I imagined it, but no, the wall breathed again. I took my eyes off the wall and now I saw that the surface of the table moved up slowly as if it was liquid. When I focused it was over. I turned to the left toward the girl who had handed me the blotter, to rotate the head took endless ttme. I saw Indians with feathers walk into a bar and then they were the men with Indian dresses, my eyes reached the girl. She was staring with her mouth half open into nothing. Suddenly her teeth became very big and she looked at me with blind eyes, saying nothing. ‘It is me,’ I thought, my brain is starting  to cook, those teeth can not be bigger. I asked, ‘what's your name ?,’ but that lasted 500 hours and then I had to laugh at how absurd it sounded. I did  see the clock running for 500 hours, but the sentence did not take 500 hours. She turned her head towards me and her lips morphed into lakes of red, while she spoke her name. I could not doubt, it kept repeating itself and floated colored into the room, then again briefly and then once more accompanied by echoes.

Judy, in 2400 colors like a jawbreaker that line began to turn and soar. I got a nasty metallic taste in my mouth and my stomach protested. When I wanted to say, 'hi Judy, from where I sat, I floated away I left behind my body. I was a bird, a free spirit. I flew past the wall that  breathed on  me with a sour smell. The floor opened up and under me a colored mouth kissed my feet and I went faster and faster. When Lennon came striding  like God, under me, I fell at his feet, shivering and cold, I began shivering.


A voice floated toward me, a voice that spoke to me. The voice was reproduced and I knew that God had spoken. ‘Drink this quietly,’ said the voice, which held me tight and I got a cup pressed against my lips. A silver colored voice now reached my ears, ‘the girl is in bad shape,’ and the god voice answered, ‘give her vitamin C pills and orange concentrate and take her wrist if she deteriorates more, dump her at the Salvation Army ' . Now I felt two monkeys cling to me in a vice grip. ‘More concentrate, 'said God,' he is coming down 'and a new cup sour juice was pushed against my lips. My stomach protested. The girl has barely any wrist, said the silvery voice. I saw that the voice came from Jane.'Dump her, ‘said the god voice now,’ this kind of misery we can not use, because the pigs are waiting for  this, grist to their mill. '. I started to just see and hear, I heard ‘Rainy Day Women’ from Dylan almost .. clearly the text reached me ‘everybody must get stoned’ My head was burning and the sweat began to run off with me, ‘she's called Judy, ‘I began. ‘Do not worry, we can help her,’ laughed a deep voice.

Lennon disappeared and Ken came into focus. ‘Put him under a hot shower and give him fatties,’ Ken said, 'then bring him to us, we are in the love trance room. I was more or less spineless taken by the two strong men undressing me without much ado, a little later I was pushed under a shower. All that was mine and that I had was my watch, it became clear to me when I saw the face, 4 hours ago I had sucked on the blotter. The shower was a warm waterfall and I felt calm. ‘You're lucky,’ said one of the gorrila's, the love guru can bring people down, you ran around like a goof. I was reminded of the previous party where someone had jumped through a window. I now understood how such a thing could have happened.

‘Tootsies clean,’ said the small voice of one of the wardrobes. I nodded, feeling how I started to get a terrible hunger, ‘Good,’ continued the voice, ‘then you’ll  now have breakfast.’ pull up your rags boy ' the second gorilla advised me, otherwise you’ll breakfast in your bare ass.

The kitchen was  not the kitchen where people were running in and out to get drinks, it was a room in a different wing. A filthy man took care of me, he had sweat stains on his already not too clean T shirt. ‘Eggs bacon and ham, mushrooms and some tomatoes and orange concentrate,’ reported the largest gorilla. '' We have a real high flyer here! ‘ When I was almost finished I saw the cook dip bread  in grease and put  that on my plate. ‘That's part of it,’ he chuckled. Moments later he baked cracklings and black pudding in the frying  pan, ‘Hmm,’ he thought, ‘we can do with some burgers.’ I felt a sense of disgust but a glance at the gorilla  was enough to make me obediently  work myself through the second plate ‘Wipe your head off,’ said the second beefcake, the boss does not like greasy mouths.

In what was apparently called love trance room it was half dark, a dim light was burning and the smell of incense was overpowering. Ken sat on the floor with a dressing gown hanging open and pinned on his lap sat a naked Debbie, Jane stood behind him and massaged his neck. Occasionally she stroked casually Debbie through her hair. Hi tiger,’ Ken began, ‘are you alive again?’ I nodded and wanted to thank him. ‘SShht’ said Jane, ‘you speak only if Ken wants it.’ ‘You embarrassed me,’ the love guru began, ‘ you’ve caused me great embarrassment.’ ‘I  don’t ever want to see you again, you're no longer welcome in our 'do's’. If you come here just the same, then my boys, ‘and he pointed to the muscle boys,’ will waste you. ‘ ‘Do you understand that just for clarity?’ I nodded. ‘I heard nothing,’ said Ken. A pointed shoe of a gorilla made me bounce, ‘speak retard,’ he barked. ‘I have understood you,’ I said, 'there is no need for all this threatening. ‘Sshht’ Jane said again, ‘you disturb the love guru's inner peace SShht!’

‘Come Debbie,’ I said, ‘get dressed then we’ll go home.’ ‘No,’ Debbie said, ‘I'm going with Jane to a commune.’ Never more behind a plate of pancakes. ‘. ‘That will not do my friend, Ken laughed, as you see she is very nice and she is mine now, good afternoon.’ Since it was obvious that our talk was over, the smallest wardrobe, poked me in the back and said, 'I'll just show you the door, so you do not have to look for it. The Pontiac, started in the early morning when the light began to break, and I decided to never have anything to do again with blotters or whatever. The familiar growling sound led me away from humiliation and broken dreams.


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