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I wandered through the large house and felt involved and part of it all and on the other side I felt very alone. A half-dark room attracted me, there were people smoking pot on the floor and you could smell it even before you came in. Softly 'white rabbit', played, the hypnotizing music rippled across the room and became part of them. There were a few low indian tables and people hung around on the ground, others sat with legs crossed and  I joined them. The round tables all had a candle in the middle and some dishes filled with vegetarian snacks. ‘Wow,’ said a young hippie to me, ‘this is food and drink at the same time.’ So we sat there while the music surrounded us. A hippie girl with big eyes touched me and I returned from a deep blissful repose, she held a joint in her hand and I took it. She let out her breath after a while, she had kept the smoke inside as long as possible. I did not smoke and had never smoked, I took a drag and suppressed a violent cough. I kept the smoke in my mouth cavity and slowly blew out through my nose, like a dragon that breathes slowly. ‘That was cool, I thought.

I gave the joint to a girl and held it up and sucked it between two fingers. ‘Wow,’ she said, ‘heavy’, I felt relaxed and laughed without reason, it began as a giggle and was a gentle smiling laugh in no time. When the joint came along again I had a tingling sensation in my temples and I felt relaxed. The girl next to me had disappeared, I noticed, when I was passing the love grass, there was now a bearded figure who slowly rocked back and forth while he took a hearty drag. I slowly began to rock back and forth along with him, it was nice, for no reason, timeless.

The music changed to Indian rhythms, first softly and slowly swelling, ‘Crazy,’ said the man next to me, this is called 'sunset over the Ganges,' 'I've been there, you know, just with my feet in the holy river.' ‘Man, really,’ I whispered, ‘India, crazy man.‘ ‘Yeah,’ agreed the man. That was something, it slowly dawned on me,  the guy next to me had been in India and had sat at the Ganges. I saw him before my mental eye sitting there while Hindus waded into the river for their sacred ritual bath. When I wanted to ask him how he had liked that, there was a girl in his  place who looked at me searchingly. I looked at my watch and saw that I had been there for two hours. That could surely not be true, I felt that the time had stood still.


‘Is there anything the matter,’ the girl asked as she slowly smiled at me. I could almost touch her laughter in the air. ‘No,’ I said, 'I've never felt better.‘ ‘Take a blotter,’ she offered, holding out a bowl. ‘I do not know what it is,’ I said laughing. ‘Look like this,’ she said and picked up a piece of paper from the tray and placed it on the tip of her tongue. She closed her mouth and made sucking movements, then she took the piece of paper from her tongue. ‘ Take it, ‘she said and I looked at her lovely mouth and took a blotter and stuck my tongue out and placed  the blotter on it as if it was a hosti  from holy mass and began to suck it. It was an unpleasant sour taste. Like chewing gum, the taste vanished and I took it from my tongue. ‘What is it?’ I asked. ‘Tissue paper with a drop of acid on it,’ she laughed, ‘we are soon going to fry and then I want you next to me then we can  fry together.’ ‘frying,’ I asked, surprised through the fog of Mary Jane that I had been smoking? ‘Our brains, cook our brains, come closer to me before it starts.’ ‘What have I sucked up, I asked only now?’ ‘Acid,’ said the girl, ‘you know, you dropped some MDA or LSD, courtesy of Ken or Jane.’

There we were in a semi dark room and I realized how easily I had taken something that I had only heard about and the haze of Mary Jane fell off me and just when I thought the stories about acid  were nonsensical, the wall began move and breathe.

San Daniel 2015

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Conducting a water-pipe-orchestra is also nice to do in a acid spirit dance..
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