The hidden years, 112 Sisters

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The sisters

The crowd grew thicker as you got closer to the door. You could smell the tea-like smell of marijuana and once inside you just walked by occasionally a cloud of 'Mary Jane' it, you could have cut it with a knife  if you would have wanted to. ‘All we are saying is give peace a chance .. !! ' it was repeated and repeated from the speakers and John Lennon and the Plastic Ono band had become a throbbing bass beat. A drone that went into ‘war is over if you want it .. war is over now '' Did you know,’ I asked Debbie, ‘that John Lennon had a bomber with pamphlets fly over New York with a cargo full of pamphlets, 'war is over .. if you want it. ‘No,’ she said, ‘but that was groovy hey, at least he means what he sings ,.' 'Bet your sweet bippy,' I replied. ' He financed it himself. He is now engaged in a bed-in, he goes from capital to capital and gives interviews to newspapermen together with his wife Yoko Ono. Stark naked, under the motto, ‘make love not war '. Anything to draw attention to Vietnam and that terrible war. ‘ ‘Gosh,’ said Debbie, that's far out man! ‘

Meanwhile, we made our way through the crowd, getting deeper into the house. ‘Where are we actually going to,’ said Debbie. ‘We'll go up the stairs to the meditation halls, I want to introduce you to Jane, this house is hers,’ I replied. ‘Hey John,’ shouted a girl and threw herself around my neck. ‘Where were you, I really waited a long time for you.’ ‘Who is that,’ asked Debbie? ‘That's a girlfriend who loves Creedence,’ I said, ‘she thinks every man is John Fogerty.’ ‘Hey,’ Debbie said, ‘he is mine, find your own John’ and she gave the girl a shove. ‘Hey cool it,’ said a voice which belonged to a hippie. ‘Nobody is nobody’s '.Peace man,' staring at us with expressionless square blown up eyes. ‘That’s John just coming in,’ stated Debbie and pointed to the door opening. ‘John,’ screamed the girl and began to squeeze through the crowd to the door. ‘Nice people that you know,’ said Debbie.

Black neon lights made great psychedelic posters leap forward and in one room  there was a disco ball on the ceiling, a kaleidoscope throwing colors around. ‘I'm getting dizzy,’ said Debbie, ‘I do not know what you like about this place.’ Spill the wine,‘ came out to meet us as an all invading  sound, 'Well good music,’ said my lady for the evening. ‘This place really is surely far out, how do they pay for all this?’ ‘She's independently wealthy, like Ken,’ I said, ‘and she's very much into the scene of environmental conservation and various charities, Vietnam peace sit-inns, and free love. love-ins  and so on '' She sponsors the Maharishi who is coming to give a lecture in Lake Louise .. ‘Wow, How nice that you've taken me here,’ said Debbie., ‘this is something different than going to the movies . '

The doors to the three rooms were open and Jane sat with her group in the central hall. Around her was a group of men gathered with long white shirts with Indian design. ‘That is Jane, ‘I said, 'at the center of this universe.’ Above her hung a large sign, ‘If you like animals, don't eat them 'it said. ‘Ha,’ laughed Deb, ‘it does not stop, everybody is against something here.’ ‘A lot needs changing, '' I said, 'and we're going to do it, we have the time and I felt so sure of this that it seemed to be an out crystalized truth. Behind us, the sounds died away from Missippippi Queen and we got into the serene space.


‘Peace man,’ said one of the bearded men and he stuck two fingers up, the relaxed atmosphere  hung in the air. Jane looked up and when she recognized me, just a hint of a smile slipped on her face. ‘Friends always find their way back,’ she said, and I understood why she was surrounded by so many men.'I’ve brought a friend, ‘I said and Debbie stepped forward. Jane leaned forward and caught Debbie's head in her hands and kissed her lips and looked into her eyes, ‘now you are also my friend,’ she laughed, ‘we are now sisters ',' are you coming along to the women's group? ‘Debbie was enchanted, a blind man could see that and so, slowly, they walked arm in arm, the two of them away from my life.

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