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Dr Jones

Dr. Jones was a squalid man and his practice reflected that. Everywhere there were pots and on a burner a pan was simmering. For a surgery it was dusty and smelled downright stale. The doctor himself had a cigar stub in his mouth. A remnant of what had once been a fat cigar but which had gone out a while ago.'So, 'he said,' Welcome, prospectors, I was called by my cousin. ‘ We looked at him in surprise. ‘Jones from the snack bar,’ he explained’ because you guys have asked where to find a doctor, I was expecting you already.’ ‘Yes,’ Bev said, ‘our friend has made a big smack, and she pointed at me.’ .. And he can not talk any more, ‘said the doctor who clearly did not like clever women.

‘I have a bad headache,’ and I have a problem with my leg.’ The doctor now turned his attention to me as if the rest was not there. ‘Just go sit down, young man’, he commanded me and  he  pointed to an empty chair. ‘How did you fall? ‘ There was a chucklewig behind me '.. I started. ‘Whoa,’ said the old man,’ I do not know what caused your fall .. How did you fall? On your back, or right forward, things like that.’ ‘Forward, I replied. ‘Neck pain,’ the man asked businesslike but interested. ‘No,’ I said . 'Roll your head from left to right, it sounded authoritative and when I complied, I heard him murmur, no 'whip lash ..' 'How many fingers have I got up, ‘ he asked, and I had to focus. ‘ Just look at the light, ‘said my interrogator and now he held a pen-like a lamp in his hand and was shining it in my eyes. I shied away. What do you feel exactly then? ‘Pain,’ I said, in my head a flash of pain. ‘Have you thrown up,’ was the next question? ‘No,’ I said honestly, ‘but I was quite sick.'Balance and concentration problems,’ he now asked. ‘Both,’ I agreed.


‘Have you been unconscious,’ the doctor wanted to know now, I nodded. ‘How long,’ it sounded authoritative. ‘I do not know, I was alone in the bush. ‘Put in an estimate,’ the man said .. 'one minute, one hour, you have any idea. ‘ A short time anyway, but I woke up and I fell away and then I was awake again I explained. ‘ ‘That has nothing to do with consciousness,’ thought the doctor. ‘Put the thermometer just below your armpit and only take it away if I tell you that.’ There was nothing of a silly smeary image of the man left, he was very to the point and wasted no time ‘now your leg, he said, let's see.’ He looked at my leg and said right away, 'that's inflamed, what are these wounds? ‘I told him about the leeches and how one leg did not bother me because I  had waited until they dropped out, but how I had panicked with my first leg and had pulled them off. ‘Yes,’ nodded doctor Jones' very unwise of you, if you squeeze those critters then their stomach contents empties into the wound and then you get this kind of infection. ‘

‘Thermometer,’ he commanded and held out his hand. He looked, ‘which explains the fever,’ he muttered. ‘Good we know it then,’ he said, returning to the frumpy mode. ‘ Your fever is caused by the infection of your leg, I ‘ll write out a prescription for an ointment and that will be gone within a few days. Your head is another story, you have a mild concussion, he explained. I would avoid the daylight a bit, if you go outdoors wear sunglasses,. do not allow too many stimuli in your life, like noisy TV and such, it should be over within a week. If it is not over after 2 weeks then it is permanent. ‘ He held out his hand and with note and added, ‘give it to a pharmacist Jones around the corner and you’ll get the ointment, nice day!’ Thank you, I said, 'what do I owe you? ‘ ‘Find first some gold and then don’t forget me,’ laughed the man and waved us away, he pressed a buzzer and the next patient came in.

When we had the creme in our possession Bev bought dark glasses for me, which made me look like Stevie Wonder and the moment that I put to him I realized that we had been advised by a knowledgeable physician.

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