The hidden years in Canada 102, the claim(2)

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Besides the fire I lay waiting for sleep that was yet to come. It had been a tiring day. I was alone and had underestimated the work. The lagoon was a good place, but I would have to determine whether the vein sat there hidden under the water, or more upstream, past the lagoon. Slowly I sank into a deep sleep when I was first startled by breaking branches. Sound carries far into the silent night and I cursed myself that I had not kept the machete beside me. Had the breaking of the branches been nearby? Sound carries far in the silent night? With open eyes, I was lying next to my fire and I had to force myself to relax my muscles .. There was something in this forest that made a nightly round. I was so happy that Don was not here, because I had a superstitious feeling that he would have invoked the perpetrator. The River God of legend, I thought and I shivered at the thought and just as unpleasant experiences during the day evaporate like the dew, so in the night an unreasonable thought grows into something grotesque, that grips the heart with a hard hand and causes the pounding in your ears.

Relax, I thought, and eventually sleep won from the silence and when I opened my eyes because a sunbeam reddened my eyelids on the inside. It was the beginning of a wonderful day and I rolled out from under the covers to stretch out a lot.

An hour later I was walking through the still cold water to the lagoon and where ever I sat to pan I’d always have some gold dust and I decided to go beyond the laguna, where the stream again assumed its original form. It was a shame to see that there was gold dust in the pan. I stopped and standing with chin in hand, I tried to determine what I actually knew. Climbing up from the river shore to the mountains, I had encountered gold dust in the pan. In the lagoon that had been increased, but that could be because the gravity precipitation power had won from the flow when the river widened. Now unfortunately there was again gold dust in the pan. It could be two separate gold resources.

It was not to  be determined. If past the laguna climbing up, where I now stood, where the stream narrowed, no gold would be found, the site was the laguna. However, fate determined that there was gold dust in the pan. There were only a few possibilities, or two sites, one in the lagoon and one upstream or stupidly enough one site upstream with a point of downfall in the laguna. I decided to walk on and scoping up sand and panning it, I moved through the winding stream until a rustle made me stand still. I looked up and was it imagination or was there something moving in the bushes? I now stood frozen and listened very carefully cocked my head from side to side and walked on. You are becoming paranoid, I laughed at myself and bent down again to resume my endless quest.


The sun climbed high with the passing of hours and I paused, I was satisfied with my work. However, there was no telling, at times you had gold dust and then you’d have another half an hour only a little mud and sand in your pan. Without noticing the stream meandering away had led me to the mountains and when I was in the shade of a large tree came I realized that the angle of the sun was declining and it would be time to return to the base camp. The ground was getting swampy caused by wells breaking through the surface, and memories of the boars filled me with great attention to my surroundings. Suddenly, with a sucking sound my shoe had become stuck in the mud-like soil, which seemed clayey. I pried my foot loose by taking my weight from that foot extracting it with difficulty,the shoe came loose again. ‘Way to go,’ I thought, ‘ time to get back to the big river. Enough is enough’ and slowly backtracking, I went back down to the river and found my way to camp.

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