The hidden years in Canada 100, gold

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These were the last hours of the afternoon, Sunday had expired quietly, without major incidents, we had enjoyed beautiful weather and not heard strange noises. Nor seen footprints. The sun makes fear and panic and anxiety fade away , as if we had walked  from the forest into another world. ‘Would trapper Joe's horses perhaps have become dismembered by wild boars?’ Don had spoken aloud, while we were already panning an hour or so past the fishing pier .'Fascinating stories that will keep you busy, ‘was Richard,’ but this happened around 1860, ‘said the old Jones ‘and yesterday he said that the first pigs were only introduced here in the 1950s.’ ‘You have listened well,’ laughed Bev. ‘It keeps you really on the ball,’ I added. ‘There must be some truth, to it, something that had to do with dead horses, otherwise the name would not have been changed from Peace River crossing to Deadhorse in 1916.’

‘We have to get away from the big river, if we really want to find something,’ Richard said, ‘I just get a pain in my lower back of standing constantly bent over and we are finding practically nothing '' Maybe, 'said Don,’  there is simply nothing more around here. ‘ We were taking a break and stretching out. ‘Who knows may speak,’ I said. ‘If there would be something of a vein at all, 'said Bev,’ it would also end up downstream. ‘ That seemed logical and we looked around ourselves looking for better opportunities. The vegetation in the distance came closer to the shore and hung back even farther over the side into the water. We plowed through the water getting closer. ‘You'd just expect crocodiles here,’ said Don, ‘or Chucklewigs '' Don shut up,’ Bev said fiercely, ‘you are calling up mischief. ‘Here, are no crocodiles, surely’ Don replied, ‘not in this part of the world?’ ‘No,’ said Bev, ‘ no crocodiles.’

There was an outflow from beneath the vegetation. ‘Why always half hidden,’ sighed Don. ‘Must we again fight our way through the bush!’ Moments later we stood past the undergrowth in the water, it was shallow and wide, you had to know there was a stream otherwise you would never have found it. About 10 meters from the shore where the forest giants emerged, there was no longer any vegetation. This was the perfect hidden stream. After half an hour called Don, ‘I have the gold hand! ‘He really had a glittering nugget. We could hardly give it the attention for now Richard shouted that he had a gold hand. There was no end to. We panned an hour and had more than in all previous days together.'This is it, ‘Bev said, excitedly,’ We'll find, that vein, no doubt about it! ‘ ‘You go back,’ I said, ‘and help me get the stock out of the car and gather sticks, so I do not sit without a fire, tonight. For it should be clear that I am staying. '


Everyone nodded in agreement and after a while the car was empty and I had me a mountain of blankets and canned food more than I could ever eat in a week.. ‘Do you guys agree that I’ll strike a claim on our behalf, if the findings warrant it?’ ‘Yes, of course’ said Don, ‘I would find that nice 'and the rest nodded. ‘How would you come in Deadhorse,’ said Richard? ‘By foot'  I responded.'Well now, I do not like saying goodbye,’ I continued, ‘we’ll agree that you meet me Friday at the fishing pier.’ ‘I hope we can remember that’ laughed Bev as she walked towards me. ‘Take care of yourself big boy’ and she pressed a kiss on my cheek.

I watched the Pontiac slide away for a moment and shrank away when Richard misshifted gears, producing a grinding sound. A final horn blast and they disappeared in a cloud of dust. I was alone.

San Daniel 2015

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