The hidden years in Canada 99, alone

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In the car, the talk really broke loose. None of us had seen a boar in the flesh. On a picture you can’t smell them, but the earthy scent mixed with what came closest to sweat seemed still in our clothes. ‘We have done well being still alive,’ said Bev. ‘Thanks to you,’ I said, ‘if you had not suggested to take a break behind the big boulder we had now been crushed. They would have attacked us and they would have crushed us to bits. ‘ ‘Yes,’ Don supported me, ‘we would have had no chance.’ ‘What a way to end somewhere deep in a forest, with some pigs that feed on you.’ ‘I can think of nicer ways,’ Richard said. ‘Very old and satisfied with your life and then a cardiac arrest.’ So we were talking when we entered Deadhorse and parked outside at Mister Jones’.

'Good afternoon,' the old man said, ‘I have not seen you in a while. Not since last week. Have you become rich? ‘ ‘Yes,’ Richard said, ‘filthy rich and that is why we come here.’ ‘What can I do for you lady and gentlemen,’ said the old man jokingly. 'To start with  a coffee, ‘Bev said,’ for all of us and then we'll see. ‘ Jones began to pour the coffee and for lack of clients, he was obviously shy for a chat. ‘So it's not easy,’ he asked? ‘Well, what shall I say, 'I said,' we have found something but it won’t make  us rich. ' ‘Where have you been busy,’ said the old-timer? ‘Close to the mountains,’ said Don 'but we were surprised by the fog. ‘ The fog and boars, ‘added Richard. ‘Yes, you have them here,’ agreed the man. ‘These are the two states with a real boar problem, they’ll destroy everything. They’ll come thundering down the slopes and ruin in no time a farm. ‘

‘They were introduced here, you know,’ the old man continued. ‘Do you want something to eat,’ asked the old man? ‘Yeah,  a few burgers will do,’ Richard said, ‘ or if there are other preferences.’ But no one spoke. ‘What do you mean introduced,’ said Bev. ‘In the 50’s  an Englishman had the idea of  keeping pigs, not far from here. They are easy to keep hé. A few escaped and formed a pack and now we're up to our necks in wild boar with an estimated 100 000 tramping about. You can hunt them down throughout the year, but they shed a lot so it's fighting a losing battle. The damage they cause is enormous. You were lucky that you are here to talk about it. We are close to the autumn, then the males, bears become extra aggressive. ‘.’ Why are they more dangerous than usual, ‘Bev wanted to know. ‘Yes, that's the rutting season for pigs and then they stand their ground,’ said the old man with a wink, ‘if you know what I mean.’ ‘I understand you completely,’ said Bev, ‘just bring the burgers to our table, dirty old man, ‘she muttered to himself.


‘We have indeed been lucky,’ I said. ‘What we should discuss is tomorrow. We’ll do things differently from  last week. ‘ ‘What do you mean,’ asked Richard? ‘ I'm not going back with you to the big city, ‘I replied. ‘Because we’ll lose too much time with it.’ ‘How do we get back,’ said Don, ‘I have Monday lessons that I must follow.’ ‘We'll see what tomorrow brings and pan and if we find nothing then we’ll break off the expedition and we’ll go home, everyone. If there is anything that is worthwhile, I'll stay here with the suppliues. Then Richard takes the Pontiac, and I’ll  continue until next Friday. ‘ ‘That sounds like a bad idea,’ Bev said, ‘I frankly have a bad feeling about it.’ ‘We are talking about only five days,’ I said. ‘Wait,’ said Don, ‘what if you find something away from our presence, do we still share it then?’ Yes, 'I said,' why not? ' ‘I like the idea, 'replied Don. ‘I don’t  see it as something super dangerous,’ Richard said, ‘and we’ll come back as soon as possible on Friday and spend the weekend together here.’ I am so against it, as you do not want to know, ‘Bev said,’ but okay, the majority rules, I lay me down but not with peace of mind. ‘

‘Do not lie down,’ said Jones, who just arrived with a tray of burgers. ‘That you’ll never see,’ snorted, Bev. ‘Just put it down'and she pointed to the table. ‘Excuse me,’ joked Jones, ‘I thought you said you were lying down’ and he walked away chuckling. So we enjoyed a last supper in Deadhorse.

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