The hidden years in Canada 98, the unclean

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The unclean

The Lord of the forest sends them down was a scary thought that came to me. Such thoughts are not rational, and that they do not need to be. The situation was not one to make a calm, rational analysis of what was happening. Occasionally the sound came nearer and then was gone again. Only, to swell up to a  roar a moment later. The fog distorted the shades that you saw moving about here and there in the forest which, under ordinary circumstances, would account for poor visibility anyway. The mist now hung like a blanket over and amidst towering trees. It had not been my imagination, there had been sounds and noises which had owners and those owners came down the mountain. Suddenly it was quiet again. Now there came shooting past us a deep snorting and suddenly a vague shape  broke through the fog past us. The fog curtain had just ripped open. A dirty earthy smell came to surround us. Don, cried out in terror, and then all hell broke loose.

There was a rumble coming down the mountain of impending doom. ‘Get down,’ I shouted over the roar and the deafening noise. ‘Pigs!’ In the cover of the shade of the huge boulder we made ourselves scarce and a wild boar came rattling past, the air smelled of earth and sweat and grunts and snorts filled the air. They came to a halt and spread out left and right of us and began to dig in the ground. I had read about this. They were searching for roots and truffles. But if they’d feel threatened they would kill everything that they’d meet and tear that apart with their tusks. They were all eaters, I racked my brain, what more did I know about wild boar. I knew that they followed the leader and if there were little ones in the herd they would kill anything that was not boar. That was us, I realized. The herd trotted along and we kept to our quiet selves hiding away folded up, ‘Do not talk,’ I said to the rest and wait until they are past. It took forever. But when I checked and consulted my watch, no more than 20 minutes had passed.

The mist cleared up as if it had no more right to exist in the absence of the boars. We barely dared to get up. ‘I thought it were Chucklewigs,’ Bev said, somewhat embarrassed. ‘We all thought that,' I said,' Ijust about had a fit.’ ‘I thought they were coming to get us,’ said Don. ‘The forest is a different place, one that we do not know,’ Richard said. ‘The strange thing that it seems that the boars have evaporated like the mist.’ But when we left, we saw how the hooves had plowed everything over they had been very thorough here.


‘They can tear anything apart if they want to,’ I said, ‘they're dangerous.’ ‘Moreover, they are corpse eaters.’ ‘I'm glad they're gone,’ said Bev. ‘This explains a lot,’ she continued. ‘Not really,’ I said, ' we have really seen the footprints. It is unbelievable, first the rain washes them out and now they are wiped out by a herd of swine. Regardless of the cougar and the Boars, we know that there something walking around here, something big. Let's go down and follow the river flow to the fishing pier. We know that the stream contains gold dust .. but for the rest we can not do anything here. We can always pans there , but we really want to find the vein, the vein of gold. ‘ ‘For today I had enough expedition,’ sighed Don. ‘I agree with you,’ I agreed. ‘We'll go eat something at Jones’, and then we’ll make camp for tomorrow and start afresh on a new branch of the river.’ ‘Phew,’ that would be nice, ‘Bev said,’ I am not fit on closer inspection to stroll through a forest. ‘ We walked down a long time and were so off course that we were just about at the first parking lot, with the barbequeues.

It would be some time before we would arrive at the fishing pier where the Pontiac was waiting. But it was like coming home.

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