The hidden years in Canada 95 , the blinkin' brook

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The blinkin’ brook

The sun blazed down the valley and burned our backs, as we slowly pannend our way along an open spot on either side of the stream. We shuffled forward and the rotation of the pan and the ebb and flow movements to get rid of the excess water had become automatic. With varying success, we found gold dust or tiny particles. I noticed  because of the angle of the sun that the stream began to deviate, we got further and further away from civilization and towering trees now formed a roof over our heads, a roof that was green and shielded us from any other contact than with the forest. I got an ominous feeling there was something oppressive out in that dark forest, something fearful to grip your heart as if it reached out to make it clear that you walked over prohibited grounds. The River God, I thought, but I shook that thought away, those were only legends, nonsensical legends. But the doubt gnawed at my heart and I was glad my friends were around me. All four of us had become silent and went panning deeper into the forest, which was now silent. You heard no bird and no cracking branch.

‘The River God is in contact with this part of the woods,’ I thought,’ because the stream is connected through its outflow, the river’. I shook it off me like you shake raindrops out of your hair. Don had drunk from the water, he follows us into the forest through Don’s fault. I shivered. Suddenly I froze, behind me had sounded a chilling cry. With a jerk I turned around. Don was raised head up and did a Tarzan yell. I shouted angrily, ‘Don’t, stop with that, moron.’ I was really shocked. Don looked surprised at my rage. ‘You know,’ I said, I meant it differently, 'but there's something so oppressive that I'm scared silly, man you almost  gave me a heart attack.' ' I know what you mean, ‘said Bev,’ as if we desecrate this forest, with our presence. ‘ ‘Sort of,’ I said. ‘Hey, is that not strange,’ Richard said, ‘I had such an unpleasant feeling as if you were allowed to come in but under the control of something that's in charge, that sounds far out right?’ ‘Phew,’ I said, ‘if a few people simultaneously have an ominous feeling about a place then it must be because of that place.’ ‘I just wanted to break the silence,’ said Don 'and I thought that the Tarzan yell was reasonably appropriate. ‘ ‘So even you,’ laughed Richard, ‘had to do something about the silence?’ It is fair to say that now that we were talking, the forest lost its fear grip on us.


‘Let's take a break,’ I suggested. So we were a little later on a moss carpet at the banks of the stream. ‘Don,’ I asked, ‘did you think of the compass? Don nodded and got it from his pocket. We're going to take a reading at this place, if we get lost, we can come back here in any event, and then we follow the stream and then we will come back to the river. ‘ I grabbed a pen and then I listed the degrees and coordinates. I copied it four times on a piece of paper and I asked them to put it all in their wallet. ‘Is this not a bit extreme,’ said Don? ‘No,' I said, 'it's good to keep a little control. When we get back in the village, we’ll try to get a second compass somewhere so that each group of us can find a starting point.‘

So we walked another while and then the stream stopped. It disappeared simply into the ground. ‘Who would have thought that,’ said Bev. ‘It has gone underground. No, I said it was underground and became an above ground stream. It is interesting to know whether it elsewhere was already above ground and whether it carried gold. ‘

‘How do we find out,’ Richard said? ‘Well,’ Bev said, ‘what would you say if we go two by two each in a different direction and make a big circle until we come together again. If we encounter nothing then we’ll make a bigger circle and then when the stream is still underground, so be it. ‘ ‘That's brilliant, I said admiringly’ but I want us all to stay within sight of each other. ‘ Don immediately reported that he and Bev would make a left movement and therefore  Richard and I left over the right side.

San Daniel 2015

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