The hidden years in Canada 94, fire

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We drove past Deadhorse and arrived after some time in the field with the fishing pier. The old Pontiac came to a halt. When the engine was put to silence, the real silence came and entered through the half-open windows, Bev got out first, she stretched out and said, ‘what a wonderful clean air, great if you could always live here.’ ‘Ah,’ thought Don, 'the city is not wrong, you would not like to miss it. ‘ ‘How for example how would you bake an apple pie here without oven?’ ‘I'm talking about something very different,’ said Bev, ‘when we come back Sunday night in the town, you can smell the city, the exhaust gasses and the mixture of smells in a city. After a few hours you can’t smell it anymore because then you're used to it. ‘ ‘It's not so much that the air is purer here, 'said Richard,’ it's more that all those factors are not present here. ‘ I enjoyed the views from my expedition members, it had been silent so long, the past few days, I realized that you start talking to yourself if you are longer by yourself.

I spread out two army surplus blankets on the ground and we went to sit on it with crossed legs. ‘Mama Bev,’ Richard said teasingly, ‘is it apple pie time already?’ ‘Almost,’ Bev said, ‘I want to take it all in' and she looked around herself with pleasure. It was a breathtaking place. The river came rippling down, the grass was green and fragrance of pines greeted you. ‘I enjoy this so much,’ she said, ‘why would you want to be anywhere else than here. ' ‘I'm just glad to see you again,’ I said. ‘It sounds a bit weird but even after a few days you get lonely. The last few days I only waded through creeks and streams. The only beings present there had been water spiders and beetles. The time passes differently here than with you. In the city, everything is hurried and a lot of running and shouting that sets time itself in gear, then you stuff more into one hour than what you intended to do. Here, everything goes with the same rhythm. The sun rises, you begin your day, you walk, you study a map, you pan and it is dark again. ‘

‘You are becoming philosophical,’ said Don. ‘ I like the city, just having fun, cinema's and burger stands. ‘ ‘Oh, Don,’ Bev said, ‘sometimes I see that we are so different.’ ‘You now find the basics are nice,’ I said, ' but the possibilities of a city. ‘ ‘I miss for example the good music of CKXL. But those things which you named, you can find anywhere. ‘ ‘Yes,’ Richard said now, ‘Chicken on the way, in this state or another state, looks the same. The same formica tables and plastic chairs, all in the same color. The staff all the same clothes, you need to think what city you are in. ‘ ‘I think the army blankets are very similar, 'said Don ..' Oh, Don,’ you're a horror,’ laughed Bev, ‘Ok guys it's time for the famous Mama Bev's appelpie and she got up and went to the boot of the old Pontiac.


I felt happy and relaxed but still felt compelled to discuss anti cougar measures. ‘Look,’ I said, ‘we will soon make a campfire and we must ensure that there are enough bits of wood, so it will smolder all night.’ ‘Should we take turns staying awake,’ Richard asked? ‘Would that be necessary,’ said Bev, ‘fire scares off wild animals, right?’ ‘I believe so, I said. ‘I've read that they avoid people and fire.’ ‘Anyway, I'll take the first watch,’ said Don heroically, ‘who will redeem me, just speak up.’ It remained silent. ‘You should sit down with your backs to the fire,’ Richard said, ‘I read it in a cowboy book. ‘Why,’ Don wanted to know? ‘Then you can see what's coming for you in the dark,’ said Richard ‘otherwise the fire dazzles you.’

So we were talking outside, until one after another rolled asleep while Don kept watch.

 I was woken up in the middle of the night by a loud snorring and when I looked I saw the glow of the moon and a cowering figure, Don, roaring his breath out.

San Daniel 2015


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