The hidden years in Canada 93, the expedition

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The expedition

The trunk of the old Pontiac was equipped with a good supply of canned food. In addition, I had bought a couple of horsehair blankets at the army dump store. Everything was completed by a machete-like knife, which was actually meant to cut you a path through a jungle, but it would certainly prove useful in the small overgrown creeks and streams. With a satisfied feeling I sent the old American through the familiar streets towards POP’s and let it slip into a parking bay. The car door closed with a heavy metal sound and I walked to the entrance. 'Do my old eyes betray me,' Pop exclaimed, ‘if that's not one of my favorite Sirtaki dancers? I had to chuckle if I wanted to or not. ‘Hi Pop, get me a shake please,’ I asked, as I walked to the table where the rest already sat waiting.

‘Have you been waiting long?’ I asked? ‘Since last Monday,’ laughed Bev. ‘It  seems longer to me,’ I said, ‘the week did not seem to pass.’ ‘I have something with me that you’ll surely recognize,’ I said, 'do you want to see it? ‘ ‘A Chucklewig,’ said Don? ‘Oh, Don,’ exclaimed Richard, ‘grow up.’ ‘No, but I must tell you later something about the chucklewig,’ I said. ‘Tell it now,’ said Don. ‘Ok,’ I said, 'I know to whom the bit of fur belonged and why it was high in the tree. ‘ ‘I'm listening,’ said Bev. ‘It belongs in all probability to a cougar, a large tree cat of about 100 kilos.’ ‘Why do you think so,’ Richard wanted to know? ‘Because near to us a sheep was torn up and they found cougar prints.’ ‘Hey,’ said Bev, ‘maybe cougars ripped apart the horses in Dead horse?’ ‘I do not know,’ I said, 'I wouldn’t go that far. It would be weird because trapper Joe from the story of Jones, reported that the cows were unharmed and that people were missing without a trace. ‘ ‘Here we come, no matter what happened there,’ was Richard's reply. ‘Good to know that there has not been a Chucklewig of about 2 meters following us, on the other hand, it seems to me no pleasure to encounter a cougar or a couple of cougars.’ Pop came walking up with my shake and asked, ‘did I hear cougar?’ ‘Not in the city, I hope?’ ‘No,’ I said, 'across the state border, in the next county. ‘ ‘Oh, that's good,’ said the old man and shuffled away.


'Young Richard, ‘said Don,’ imitating the voice of our former teacher, but don’t forget the footprint now. ‘ ‘Again something,' Richard said,’ I know, I've seen it for myself but whether that was from a Chucklewig, who knows? Perhaps the chucklewig exist but has died out. ‘ ‘Have you found the print back,’  Bev wanted to know? ‘No, traces were erased by the rain, including our own.’ ‘It will probably rain often there,’ Bev said, ‘so you can be assume that who or what has made that footprint is not extinct.’ I looked at her seriously. ‘Bev you're absolutely right. We are dealing with a cougar in that area and the owner of the print. ‘ There was a pause, each weighed his own thoughts. ‘Is there someone here today who wants to know what I have with me?’

‘All right then,’ said Don, 'let it come, say it. ‘I simply put a plastic bag on the table with the gold dust. ‘So anyway, it is there’ sighed Richard. ‘This is the result of the last few hours of daylight yesterday.’ ‘I found an overgrown creek where you can find in every turn gold dust or small nuggets.’ ‘Wow’, Bev said. I brought something as well, ‘she said, and she put a large plastic bag on the table. 'Home-baked apple pie. ‘ ‘You know what,’ I suggested, ‘we’ll eat that later on in Dead horse, we’ll pay and go 'and no one protested.

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