Ribarska Banja

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Tourist place in Serbia: Ribarska Banja

Ribarska Banja is a small tourist destination in Serbia. But the popularity is growing. Beside it is a tourist destination, it is a health resort for people who are recovering from surgeries, bone fractures and spine injuries. There are two swimming pools. They are very nice to swim in. You can also swim in a warm, mineral water that is healthy for you.

In order to get to Ribarska Banja, you can take two routes. One of them is traveling through the city of Krusevac. It is 40 kilometers from this resort. The roads are well maintained and they are much better than in other parts of the country. You can also travel through Aleksinac. This route is a bit shorter, but the road is a lot worse. The distance between Aleksinac and Ribarska Banja is 35 kilometers. The recommended route is through the city of Krusevac.

There is a big parking in front of the resort. You should know that the parking located near the resort is reserved for employees and patients. However, you have even bigger parkingspace 50 meters away from the gate. Also, you cannot enter with your car in the resort.

The resort is located in the forest. There are several routes where you can walk. The nature is amazing and the air quality is the best. The whole complex is integrated into the small valley, so you are always surrounded with trees and beautiful landscape. The best known mark of Ribarska Banja is restaurant Vidikovac. You have Wi-Fi, so it is the best location for young people. It is a narrow and tall building, so it looks amazing. The prices are low and you can have any drink you like.

You can acquire a private accommodation. There are a lot of big houses for rent. The owners are usually people who live and work in a foreign country, so you can rent the whole house.

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