The hidden years in Canada 86, the claims

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The coffee was delicious and warmed us up somewhat, our attention was drawn only now to the food and drink. Don was finished first and wiped with a finger a bit of yolk from his plate. Bev looked at him disapprovingly, ‘I wish you wouldn’t do such things,’ she said. Don did not react but said, 'that was a nasty story about the leeches. ‘ ‘Yeah huh,’ I said, ‘I had not expected it.’ ‘Do you think it's true,’ Don continued. ‘I have no reason to doubt it,’ I replied, ‘until now everything mister Jones has said seems to be right.’

‘Do I hear my name,’ said the old man who came along with the coffeepot to refill? ‘Yes,’ Bev said, ‘you know a lot about this environment, where would you start looking?’ ‘You have to look with your head,’ the man said, and he pulled up a chair. ‘I would go to the municipal register and get a free miners certificate and ask there. It takes 10 minutes, then you're recognized prospector and you can walk around anywhere. ‘ ‘But where would you go looking,’ said Bev? ‘When you have that license, you have access to the miner's register and you can see where claims have been staked. Claims remain valid for 90 years and then revert to the state. ‘ That sounded familiar. Ken had also explained to me something like that during the 'love-in' 'Gosh, you really know much about it, ‘Bev said, and the man began to shine. ‘Look where people have long found nothing during 90 years you will not, now, will you? You should investigate the other places. The problem is that you do not know whether the former miners have already done so and then finding nothing staked a claim elsewhere. ‘


There was silence and we were all busy with our own thoughts. 'You're right, ‘I said,' before you know it we’ll find gold on someone else's claim because we just do not know it is claimed. How do you actually claim a piece of land? ‘ ‘You mark the land with some piles of stones,’ said Jones, ‘you go to the town and buy some marker posts, there are lead strips around them with a number. Then you come back and mark the claim. You can also attach strips to a branch if the ground is too hard for poles. Then you go back to the townhall and allow them to draw it up in the miner's register in the region map. ‘

‘So if you find something on someone else's claim,’ you are stealing?. ‘ You bet, ‘said Mister Jones,’ in the past you were shot dead over it. ‘ ‘We found something small,’ said Richard uncomfortable. ‘Oh,’ said the old man, ‘where?’ ‘The river,’ Bev said, ‘we were panning and a small piece of gold remained behind.’ ‘You can not claim the river,’ Jones laughed, so nothing to worry about. ‘But now I need to serve some customers that are coming in.’ ‘Good morning, boys,’ Jones shouted from afar, ‘what can I do for you?’

‘You know,’ I said, ‘we have not prepared well. We can actually stop panning because before you know it you wander on to someone's old claim. If the long weekend is over then the first step on Tuesday is to go to that register. ‘ ‘We are down to school,’ Richard said. ‘I'll do that,’ I offered, ‘and I'll get you after school on Friday afternoon and then we will carry on.’ ‘That gives me here a few days to choose some suitable places and perhaps prepare some camp sites.’ ‘So the expedition stops after one day,’ said Bev, disappointed? ‘No,’ I said, 'we're going to have a nice day and then go home and then we look for all that we fell short of, blankets, as well as foodstocks and firelighters. ‘ ‘I have a compass at home,’ reported Don. ‘Yes and I have a TV,’ Richard said. ‘You know Don,’ I said, 'that's really good of you, it may well come in handy, we can then orientate ourselves at least. Or if you find something you can find it back again. ‘

‘We will have a fun day,’ I suggested, ‘and tonight we’ll sleep in a warm bed. From Friday afternoon to Sunday evening we are back here as  the miners. ‘ ‘Good, then I can still see Rawhide tonight,’ Don said. ‘You're really weird Don,’ Richard said, and he looked at him quizzically.

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