The hidden years in Canada 85, gold..

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 ‘ People are strangeit sounded from the juxebox of the snackbar. 'Right, ‘said Mr. Jones,’ are you still here or have you come back again? ‘ ‘No we are staying here a few days,’ said Bev. ‘We don’t have that often here,’ laughed Jones' most young people go to the big city. ‘ ‘That is where we come from,’ said Don. ‘We are now searching for gold.’ Bev gave her friend a destructive look. ‘That's interesting,’ said Mister Jones, ‘you don’t see that anymore today.’ ‘Was it different in the past,’ said Richard? ‘Yes and no,’ said Mister Jones who appeared to be in a talkative mood. ‘Can you do us four bacon and eggs,’ I asked, ‘with coffee?’ ‘Sure,’ said the old man, ‘go sit down somewhere.’ ‘There were day visitors like you, and there were professional panners who would pan months on end.’ The bacon was now writhing in the pan and made hissing sounds, a greasy smell came ceeping over the counter. Very adept the old man began to break eggs on the edge of the pan.

‘Day-trip people always stayed in the main river area to find some gold, but that is a logical place to start.’ ‘Where did the real seekers go,’ I asked? ‘The main river is fed by tributaries and creeks and streams,’ the man said. ‘Eventually, the claims were made there.’ ‘Gee, thanks, that is precious information,’ said Don. ‘Do you think so,’ the man said a bit sharply, it was clear something about Don irritated him. ‘Do you know how many tributaries and creeks there are out there? Aside of that the panner always get the bites. ‘ ‘What sort of bites,’ said Bev? ‘The fresh water that flows up slowly to very slowly always has leeches in it.’ ‘I've never heard of that,’ said Don. ‘That does not surprise me,’ said the old man, 'you're city people. ‘ ‘But you notice it when they attach themselves to you. They make wounds that remain open a long time, there's something in their saliva that goes against coagulation. They suck themselves full and then let go again. But that little blood they take from you is not the problem, they are pathogens.


You only feel it as a kind of itchy feeling and if you then take a look then such a ‘critter’ is attached to you firmly. Never pull them off or squeeze them, ‘said the man.’ They do not like it, ‘Don asked quizzically? ‘No, smarty pants,’ the man said, ‘then they empty their digestive juices in the wound, which can be full of bacteria. It’ll make you sick which begins with infection of the wound and is accompanied by fever. It will give you a fever and you go delirious but that only lasts a day or so. ‘

May I ask how you successfully take them off,’ I asked? ‘That's easy,’ said the man, ‘you wait until they have finished eating because then they let  go or if you slide your fingernail between the animal and the wound. They cling to you with suction cups, you know, they don’t hang on biting. ‘‘ Oh, ‘I said,’ it's nice to know.’  ‘Go and  sit down, ‘the man said,’ Your eggs are ready. ‘

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