The hidden years in Canada 84, Sunday's gold

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Sunday’s gold

We had slept badly and everything around us was wet with dew. We had only fallen asleep because the day along the river had made us rosy. I was stiff and lying in a fetal position. The fire had gone out and there was a serene morning stillness. The first bird burst into song and soon the sun came  shining over the mountain ridge, as if the bird had announced him or called him forward. I knew from biology lessons that birds have a gland in the brain that responds to light. Reacting so much to light that if enough light, in the spring, stimulates the eye gland, a hormone is produced, which encourages nesting urge and egg formation. I had been quite surprised at school when I heard that, but it explained why all, but really all birds, lay eggs in May. Now I had experienced it, the bird in the quiet valley had been the first to notice the reference in light intensity.

The branches were higher and the sun had reached him before reaching us mere mortals. I sat down and got up and urinated behind the Pontiac. My feet were immediately wet the grass was covered with dew drops. We were miserably endowed by creation. No furry coat or force just the ability to analyze problems. I walked slowly towards the river and watched the sun now changing the dew  in to mists that began to rise above the river and the land as if we were in the mythical Avalon, the land of mists and that is how it felt as well. A serene unreal beauty. It was quiet and beautiful. In the distance, at the bend in the river where we had been panning a deer drank from the water and immediately the legend of the great spirit came back to me. ‘That deer was now caught’, I thought and would always return to the river. You could hardly imagine that somewhere out there a chucklewig 'in all its agressiveness had walked about. That just did not fit in this peaceful environment.


I turned around and saw the friends lying in a tangle. I had to smile, it would be a fun day, all important issues had been discussed. I looked forward to the new day and wanted to start .. ‘Good morning,’ I cried, ‘the coffee is ready.’ There was movement in the tangle. ‘Who ever wants coffee, can come with me,’ I laughed, ‘hop into the old monster,’ and I walked to the door of the old American and opened it. I reached down and turned  the chrome button. There were only crackles coming out, CKXL did not reach here and it was set to the pop station. ‘Holy shit, you're early,’ said Don, and he stretched. ‘Look around you,’ I said, 'This is a great day. ‘ ‘Hmm coffee would be just fine,’ the voice came from Bev. Richard said, ‘is there anyone who has slept? Or am I the only one who lie tortured in the cold? ‘ ‘Will do something about that this evening,’ I said, ‘but first in the car and to Jones for a breakfast.’

The car made his way through the streets and stopped in front of Jones' cokes and burgers. ‘Up to the Chucklewig, I laughed.’ We had only had one day off but I had the idea that we already had become timeless and were enjoying  a long vacation with the gold expedition. Within a short time, I would never make jokes any more about the Chucklewig. But now we were laughing and relaxing in a world that smiled at us.

San Daniel 2015

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