The hidden years in Canada 83, the evening

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The evening

The fire had not been easy to make, but in the end it worked. You had to make sure there were enough twigs and small branches and had they caught fire, than you could gradually feed the fire with thicker twigs. Now the flames stretched up and the heat reached out to us and warmed our  front side that was to the fire. You noticed the cowboy romance was exaggerated, how nice is it when one half of you is cold and the other half warm? Not nice at all, absolutely uncomfortable. The ground on which we were sitting was too cold. We were a bunch of worthless trackers or cowboys. The fire caught your thoughts and sucked those along to great heights and what remained was an empty stare.

I broke the magical moment, ‘Don,’ I said, 'what would you do if you became fabulously rich and you needn’t account to anyone? ‘ ‘Really very rich,’ he asked? ‘Yes Don,’ I replied. ‘Pooh I would take many wives and live in a big house with them.’ ‘You'd what, said Bev?’ ‘Well, of course you as well as the head woman,’ continued Don. ‘So,’ Bev said, ‘that is good to know and she got up and sat down next to Richard.’ ‘What would you do,’ asked Bev from Richard, ‘if you’d have the sort of money that Don was speaking about?’ ‘I would ask you out and go traveling with you and be very happy.’ ‘Gosh,’ said Beverly, ‘that appeals to me.’ ‘I was just joking ,’ said Don. ‘Well I am not,’ Bev said, ‘I would go with Richard.’ ‘Hey, hey,’ I said, ‘this is going nowhere, you see what a misery a little money entails. I want to talk about a few things. Before we find anything serious, as we all expect to find something I want to know what you think needs to happen with finds. Should it be divided in equal shares or does the finder keep his or her booty? ‘

‘That's easy,’ said Don, 'what I find is for me. ‘ ‘I learn and discover more and more about you,’ Bev said, ‘and I'm not very impressed.’ ‘Whoa,’ I said, 'this is going in the wrong direction. I have asked and Don has frankly said what he thinks, he does not have to be stitched up over it. You should not fight the rain, you have to learn to dance with it. Don, what applies to you could just as easily apply to the entire group. Imagine from tomorrow you'll never find anything at all anymore, and we have every day a few nuggets of gold. That we would share with the three of us. Is that a pleasant thought Don, let's draw the line a little longer, imagine that Richard finds the big vein together with Bev and they claim that. ‘ ‘Why with Beverly, asked Don?’ ‘Because sometimes you do not know what you got until you've lost it, Don!’ ‘Because our Richard really likes Beverly.’ ‘Hey, this is not fun anymore,’ said Don. ‘What's going on Don, you feel threatened,’ said Bev, ‘just as fine as I just felt when you said what you really wished for? Am I not enough for you? ‘


'Stop it we are getting nowhere, ‘I said,’ and to avoid this kind of thing I wanted to know what we all think about sharing finds. ‘ ‘What would you do if you had a lot of money,’ Bev asked me now? ‘ Oh Bev, 'I said,' it is not so important. ‘ ‘Come on,’ she insisted, ‘what would you like?’ I stared into the fire and was sucked into my memories. The fire that cleanses and the fire that warms. When I looked up I was sitting with my friends at the fire, the time had stood still. ‘I do not need it,’ I said with a seriousness that even surprised me, as if someone was speaking with my voice. ‘I just want to be happy with you.’ ‘I could be of help there,’ Bev said, with a smile and she looked into my soul and I knew that she had read it and knew that I had spoken the truth. ‘Look,’ I said, 'that's nice. ‘ ‘Don, let all those women that you want and do not know, go. Forget all the answers that have nothing to do with gold finds. What do we do with with our finds? ‘ ‘We’ll share it,’ said Don! ‘Oh, Don,’ Bev said, ‘you need so much help and support,’ and she looked at him with the look of a mother looking affectionately at her sometimes clumsy favorite child. .

'Okay,' I said, 'we all agree that we share profits? ‘ There was a nodding of the heads. ‘I would now like to know what our Beverly would like?’ ‘My kingdom for a burger,’ Beverly laughed and I laughed along because I knew that a  shadow had passed, a shadow that would have driven us apart.

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