The hidden years in Canada 80, dead horse creek

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Dead horsecreek

The Pontiac growled deeply and we glided past the shops of the Jones's. ‘ Look, ‘said Bev, a number of signs on a pole gave important places in the form of an arrow. One pointed to townhall and the second arrow pointed to a street that slowly climbed up a hill and pointing the way to the grave monument of 12 foot Davis. ‘ That part is true, at least, ‘said Don. ‘I think everything is true, Don,’ I said. ‘You believe in chucklewigs,’ said Don with surprise in his voice? ‘You know Don,’ I said, 'what you have heard is a report on a number of people who disappeared under unexplained circumstances. This is associated with the disappearance of Bill Comley. The unifying element in it are torn up horses. ‘ ‘Yet,’ Richard said, ‘you should not laugh at this kind of story, the name was not changed for nothing in 1916 to Deadhorse. The old man said so himself, in 1916, it was generally decided to change the name of Peace River. ‘ We drove out of the village and followed a sign that pointed to 'dead horse creek.

‘Anything could have happened, 'said Beverly,’ but make no mistake, Richard is right about that, the core from which events are explained is always present. Something terrible must have happened to horses to give the place such a name. I can also imagine that you would name your town, ‘place of horses torn up by chucklewigs', but something shorter, like dead horse. When I'm back in school, I will nose about at the library if I can find something about that Bill Comley or about the founding of Dead horse. ‘ ‘Well, I said, ‘we will never find the truth out, it is too long ago .’ Don cleared his throat and then said, ‘have you noticed that this is the area where Indian stories are doing the rounds about the Sasquatch, the Abominable Snowman.’ ‘Yes,’ Richard said, ‘but it has a high contents of the Loch Ness monster.’ ‘Maybe that exists,’ Bev thought aloud, ‘who knows?‘ ‘Maybe the Chucklewig and the Sasquatch are one and the same,’ said Don. ‘Maybe you are my auntie,’ said Richard who obviously had enough of the whole thing.


‘You know Don, I think that there are indeed such possibilities, but we won’t know now will we. Let's go looking for that river, or rather for the Dead Horse Creek. ‘ ‘promise me one thing,’ Bev said suddenly. ‘What,’ asked Richard? ‘Nobody drinks from the river, really, I mean it.’ ‘We have a lot of cans of coke,’ Don laughed. ‘Promise,’ said Bev, with a strained voice, ‘I'm not kidding, or I’ll want to go back now.’ 'Okay,' I said, 'I have no problem with that, I promise. ‘ ‘What a nonsense,’ muttered Richard, but when Bev insisted, ‘Richard !!!,’ he backed down. ‘I will not drink water a drop from it.’ said Don. 'Okay,' Bev laughed, ‘I had a bad feeling just now but it is gone.’ 'Peace River here we come. ‘ ‘I do not want to be difficult,’ said Don, ‘but was it not Dead Horse Creek?’


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