The hidden years in Canada 77, the plumber

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I stopped at the 'four seasons' and took a cup of coffee and with the change I went to the pay phone. Who would I call, Bill Haybe with transport at North or Hash moon plumbers? I chose Hash Moon and decided to call Bill Haybe as a second option. The phone rang a few times and just when I wanted to hang up, a loud voice shouted, ‘hello ??’ ‘Good morning,’ I began, ‘you still need apprentice plumbers? ‘No,’ said the voice, ‘why?’ ‘In your ad you say that you are looking for people for a project that begins next month,’ I continued, ‘and that is why I am calling.’ ‘Yes,’ said the voice, ‘next month we’ll need new people. Names mean nothing to me, I'll give you a number, you think you can remember that, boy? ‘ ‘Oh yes sir,’ I replied. ‘You're number one, you're the first who called for the new project. In three weeks we let people come past, you call me by that time and you say your number and then we pick a time, okay? ‘ ‘Excellent,’ I said, ‘where do we go to work? ' ‘If you’re taken on at Lake Bonavista, as we participate in it.  ‘Goodbye,' said the voice, and I was hung up. I even doubted whether I should call Mr. Haybe, but I decided not to do so, if you were number 1 on the list then it would be strange if you were not hired.

Fate in the appearance of Freddy McGee, had given me some three weeks off and I had two and a half week's pay in my pocket. Dead Horse Creek and the surrounding area would be scoured by me. I chuckled to myself as I thought of Freddy, who was on his way with a passenger, who had probably just been picked from the construction team, towards Indian territory. That would give him a surprise if he’d stop for coffee at Ponoka. He would have to keep a very low profile, I wondered if he had it in him.


Richard was still snoring when I came in. ‘Waky waky sleeping beauty, 'I shouted,' were you stillborn?’ ‘Holy shit,’ said a sleepy Rico, ‘I actually thought the lip was in the room. What are you doing here. ‘ ‘I have three weeks off,’ I announced, ‘we are going to buy the stuff and with Bev a bit later food stock and then, boy oh boy, we’ll go on an expedition.’ ‘Phew, you are very present in the morning, 'said Rico and came out of his bed. ‘Why are you three weeks off,’ Rico asked now? ‘Because I’ll be an apprentice plumber and may start in lake Bonavista, at last, I'm out of it.’ ‘My ad,’ Richard wanted to know? ‘Yes,’ I said. ‘Great,’ Rico roared now, ‘thanks to me you're away from those bloodhounds. You see, I had that kind of feeling when I tore it out. You only had to reach out man and you did it. ‘ I understood that he was right, we all probably could have left long ago from the lip and Mistah Kurt . ‘Too bad we have to wait until tomorrow, we’ll go for it .. Dead horse creek here we come !!’


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