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Indian boy
It was strange being on my own in the big old American driving to work and I had risen too early. I would leave around eight o’clock, because I’d have to wait for the new co-driver who ever it would turn out to be. I stopped at the pancake house and walked inside. ‘Hey,’ Debbie said, ‘we have the urban cowboy come in, dude what shall it be?’ ‘Just some coffee and pancakes,’ I said. ‘Where's your shadow, she asked? ‘He is now doing other things, such as .. still being in bed.’ ‘Oh,’ she said, in bed, ‘that can be pleasant and she` gave me more than just a normal look.’ ‘Yes,’ I said, ‘because I can picture that.’ ‘Really,’ she said, ‘tell me about it!’ ‘First the coffee and pancakes,’ I said, ‘with syrup, please.’ She poured the coffee and said, ‘if you have notthing better to do the long weekend, then we could consider a very intimate exchange of thoughts.’ ‘Really,’ I said, 'I'd like that,  but I really can’t, I'm busy the next week. ‘

‘With someone who is nicer than I am’ she said? ‘Oh no, I just have some previous arrangements.’ The butter sizzled in the pan and some blue smoke rose. ‘Why,’ I said, 'don’t you come with me to the love-in of a friend of mine in about a week or so. ‘ ‘Hmm,’ she said, ‘what goes there.’ ‘Anything you want, but you just come with me. ' ‘What kind of friend would that be?’ She asked while she raised the skillet and turned the pancake? ‘Oh, you know him, from the city here, Ken, the love guru.’ ‘You know the love guru,’ she asked in surprise? ‘Otherwise, I would not say so,’ I laughed. ‘Wow,’ she said, ‘I’d like to go with you. ' ‘Give me your number and I'll call you in good time.’ ‘Really,’ she asked? ‘Really,’ I replied. ‘Okay,’ she said, and she placed the oversized plate on the counter and wrote a number on a piece of paper. I took it and stuck it in my wallet.
‘Hey I have to go,’ I said between bites, ‘how much is it?’ ‘On the house,’ she said, ‘but  do call, eh?’ ‘You know me,’ I laughed, ‘of course I'll call you and we'll have fun.’ ‘You bet on yes,’ she said and gave me a wink.


The Pontiac floated to a parking spot and I walked to the truck. The stack of freight bills was waiting in a pile, it turned out it would not be a long and late day, I thought. The filament glowed and heated the cylinder wall and slightly later the diesel vomited a soot cloud and then quietly started to warm up. I took the notes again and the passenger door opened. ‘If it is not Indian boy,’ came a familiar voice and I looked bewildered, right into the steel blue eyes of Freddy McGee.

‘What are you doing here, 'I uttered with difficulty? ‘I'm the second driver on this monster and we are going to have fun together,’ Freddy laughed, ‘we are blood brothers.’ ‘I gotta go to the office,’ I said and lowered myself out of the cabin . I stepped through the door past the girl at the counter and knocked on Kurt's door. ‘You can’t do that, the girl said. ‘I'll decide that,’ I said. Kurt poked his head out of the door. ‘Yes,’ he said, ‘what do you want? ' ‘I'm not happy with my co-driver, I'm not driving with him.’ ‘So,’ Kurt said, ‘today you’ve put on extra large pants to fit your balls? You just do what we want and what we say. ‘ ‘No,’ I said, 'it's not that simple, if you do not change it then I’ll quit. ‘ ‘fair enough,’ said Kurt. You are fired’ He said to the girl past me, 'pay this man one hour and let him get lost and never let him come inside again. When he is gone air this place a bit ‘and he closed the door. The girl openend the petty cash open and grabbed a few dollars. ‘Hey mister,’ she said, ‘I have your money here,’ and she laid it on the counter. ‘You know what you can do with it,’ I said, ' you stuck up tart? ‘ ‘Go and sit on it and I walked out the door that I slammed shut with all my might.

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