The hidden years in Canada 74, Eskimo ladies

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Eskimo ladies

The Pontiac started right away and slid gently backwards, what a world of difference to the truck with her thumping and bouncing on the roads after fighting her way forward. We still arrived later than we would have liked to and the truck's engine was still cooling with clicking noises that I heard through the early evening, when I stepped through the gate. Automatically my hand searched for the chromed knob and turned it resolutely and the first notes of that addictive beat 'American woman', streamed in. The text is so good, ‘said Rico, 'there's nothing to American girls, they're plastic.’ ‘How many American beauties do you know,’ I asked? There was silence, ‘you know what I mean,’ he said. ‘They're plastic people.‘ ‘No,’ I said, 'I do not know what you mean. ‘ ‘Ah dude,’ he said, ‘you see them on TV they are always dressed up and overly cheerful.’ ‘Hmm.’ I said, ‘I've never been to America, and what you see on TV is just a representation of what the channel throws on air. It is probably not too different from here, ‘I thought. ‘Give me real original Canadian girls, all pure nature.’ ‘That is not what you want, 'I said,' real Canadian girls kiss with their noses and smell of fish oil that they rub in  their hair and of fried seal.’ ‘Hey,’ Richard exclaimed, ‘what are you talking about man?’ ‘Eskimos,’ I laughed.

‘How many Eskimo women do you know,’ asked Richard? Now it was my turn to stay silent. ‘None hey,’ Richard said. ‘Man, we are completely manipulated by what we hear, we know basically nothing about what is real or not.’ ‘I think what you say is so true.’ I said. ‘But you can’t in life check all the data that comes to you.’ ‘No, so you have to use common sense,’ I thought and so we slid in the parking bay of POP’s.

Just when we sat down Don and Bev came in, ‘so,’ called Pop behind the counter, ‘my favorite Sirtake dancers have come home. What will it be young Gods and Goddess? ‘ ‘Do us four chocolate shakes please,’ said Bev and by saying that, she had determined what we would drink. ‘Boys you look tired,’ Bev said, ‘don’t you sleep?’ ‘Yes, but very little,’ Richard said. ‘We drive a lot and load and unload much.’ ‘Oh,’ said Don, 'how long do you work? ‘ ‘Fourteen or fifteen hours a day,’ Richard replied. ‘Is that what you want then,’ said Bev? ‘No,’ I said, ‘nobody wants that, day in and day out.’ ‘Then you should not do that,’ Bev gave us a searching look. ‘That is not how it goes Bev,’ I said, ‘maybe you still remember how good the Queens's was, we walk around during the day in a different world, where we have no rights.’ ‘Hmm,’ she said, holding her mouth. ‘I wanted to talk about the idea of ​​Bev,’ I said, and I leaned forward which immediately ‘gave a conspiratorial flavor to everything. 'Dead horse river, ‘I whispered,’ and goldpanning in Dead Horse Creek. ‘ Everyone was suddenly all ears and I went on, ‘why don’t we use the long weekend to do some exploring?’


‘Richard is free after Thursday’s pay, free and I've after Friday a long weekend. Then we can just take a few days and go panning. ‘ ‘We have no pans,’ said Bev. ‘Rico can buy them on Friday,’ I suggested. ‘ If you buy them right on the spot then it arouses the attention and then everyone goes gold panning.’ ‘If you buy two then that should be sufficient, we’ll form two teams and take turns.’ ‘Bev if you can help Richard with some shopping, you know just some handy cans, beans or the likes and something that remains good for a while.’ ‘We won’t need water because I assume that the stream is clear.’ ‘Hmm, I don’t know,’ said Bev, 'Dead horse creek does not sound very healthy. ‘ ‘Okay,’ I said, 'we'll take what you think is important. Take a blanket or a sleeping bag if you have got one because we will spend the night there. ‘ ‘Will we sleep outside then,’ said Don? 'I do not know.' I said, ‘maybe we can sleep in the car and maybe we will have to leave it behind.’ Thus, an expedition extremely poorly prepared was about to set off. After the second shake we were elated and stop talking about all the possible items that we would take. ‘Actually,’ said Bev, ‘we must bring a backpack, because if you cannot go by car how would you carry the canned food?’

‘We'll see that on the spot,’ was Richard’s contribution. ‘I’ve been thinking all week about it,’ I said, ‘You can not imagine how much.’ ‘You have been thinking about it too much,’ laughed Richard, ‘it just about made you crash the truck today.’ ‘What happened,’ Bev wanted to know? ‘We got almost killed because of our day-dreaming driver,’ Richard said, ‘if I had not pulled the wheel, we would not be sitting here now.’ ‘I had an absence,’ I said. ‘You were far away,’ Richard continued, ‘you said you were the great soul that hovered over the plains.’ ‘What do you mean,’ Don asked suddenly interested? ‘What did you see or feel?’ I began hesitantly .. '.. I understood everything and hovered over the fields and when Richard yanked at the wheel and yelled in my ear. I felt strongly about the Cree and the Blackfoot. ‘ ‘Consciousness narrowing,’ said Don, our psychologist in the making. ‘What do you mean,’ I asked? ‘You were so tired that you had only one thing that you could focus on, and simultaneously on no more issues, you're a bit past your reserves if that happens.’ ‘Psychology made simple,’ Richard smiled quizzically? 'Laugh Bev said that could have ended very wrong. It was a sign I think. ‘ Bev looked at me and I understood that she could read me like a book.

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