The hidden years in Canada 64, bad folk

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Bad folk.

I felt a dark presence, like I used to feel when my father was about. I shook it off me but as we walked towards the door it took on grotesque forms, I stopped and said, ‘I do not know if this is such a good idea.’ ‘Come on we’ll go for it,’ laughed Bev, relax, ‘hop in.’ ‘Good evening, gentlemen,’ said the doorman who held out his hand, in which Rico and I immediately deposited some coins. ‘You have already found a lady? Nice little thing if I may say so. ‘ ‘Who is a nice little thing,’ said Bev, viciously? ‘You are looking from here,’ said the doorman, ‘when you're done with these guys I may have some work for you.’ Bev's mouth fell open. ‘Soon my dear,’ said the doorman, ‘and then on your knees.’ ‘Come on Bev,’ said Rico and pulled her along.

The music whined out, when we got closer to the double door, a cowboy tune imitation of yellow river. The music rippled out when the door was pulled open. You looked at the brightly lit space with as a resting point the elongated bar, which was now crowded with fake cowboys and cowboys who came from the Stampede. Blue smoke hung from the ceiling, I left my bad feelings behind, we were here and there was no turning back. Bev went straight to the bar, where there was an open spot. I saw the Indians from the corner of my eye coming closer, one sniffed the air, and said ‘I smell her and I know where she is,’ and they laughed rough and coarse. Our dear innocent Bev had not noticed. ‘Can I have a Coke from you,’ she asked the bar owner? ‘You're new here, hey,’ the man said, ’you can have anything from me.‘

Don stepped forward and wanted to say something, but a cowboy who was half drunk and two sizes larger than Don would ever be, just slammed him. ‘Hey boy,’ he adviced Don, 'do not go too close to my little lady' and his hand slipped under Bev's mini dress. Don hit his hand and before I could do anything, he was knocked over by a mate of the cowboy. We were once again in the Queen's. ‘Don, are you okay,’ Bev asked as she knelt beside him. Rico gave the cowboy a huge push in his back and he slammed him against the bar, he turned half surprised and a real hooker, immediately put hit her arms around him and said, 'I'm crazy about rough men come I know something which is much more fun ‘and she pulled him half along while she slobbered his ear.

‘Hey,’ said the first cowboy, ‘ are you leaving me alone with these fucks?’ ‘Go away,’ I said, 'piss off or we'll kill you. ‘ The man left his glass and walked away to a table. ‘Hey Bev,’ I said and I wanted to say, 'let's go' but the Indians already stood next to Bev. ‘I like it doggy way, that is good,’ said the biggest one ‘and she is almost ready for it.’ ‘Let me help you up lady,’ said the big Indian and he reached out his hand and with the other he grabbed her around her waist and pushed her against the bar. Don came up and immediately received a kick from the second Indian which made him shrink down again groaning. Bev was trying to wrestle the Indian away who now was riding up against her, 'what a nice little mouth you got' said the red brother, Rico and I jumped on the man.


White trash,’ I heard behind me, and there came through the doorway Chief big feather shitting bull striding in with two braves. We had a problem and I knew it, but I was more worried about Don and Bev. They had absolutely no defense. Five Indians and we counted only for two and Bev very, very vulnerable. From a table far away came a clear voice that cut through the room in an icy way. ‘You have to be Chief fuckface with your jerking braves, were there no more squaws in your tepee.’

Three men stood there and looked at us from a distance and moved the chairs and they came  walking extremely slow in our direction. I felt in my pocket for my car keys, ‘Don,’ I said, not taking my eyes from big chief, ‘take Bev along in my car to Pops, with a little luck we'll see you soon again.’ Freddy had a knife in his hand and played with it while walking, he threw it up short ways and caught it without even looking at his hand. You knew that the knife was his child, his child proficient that he could send where he wanted. ‘Let our white sister go,’ the icy voice cut through the air again. He walked slowly to intimidate, then I saw who walked along in his wake, on the one hand, Louis the lip and on his other side George the pigsty. George also played with a knife, an elongated blade. The band stopped playing Suzy Q, it was quiet, there was again a showdown.

‘We’re coming to play with you chief fuckface,’ Freddy called out now. The lip said something to the men and they stopped, Louis turned to a table with cowboys and growled to the nearest that he should fuck off. ‘I do not know you, the man said, I have no problems with you. ' ‘I need your seat retard,’ said the lip, ‘were you stillborn?’ He yanked the man from his seat and held the seat just above him and tore the legs apart. One leg had now become bat and the rest of the chair, he just flung away. Freddy's free hand went behind his back, a thin knife appeared and he balanced it without taking his eyes of the Indians. ‘Get your filthy claws off our sister,’ commanded Freddy McGee. Fred delayed the time and everything went slowmo.

The Indian now picked Bev up and with an incredibly long tongue he licked her all over her face and lips and then threw her aside. A silver flash flew through the air and the man cried out. The knife had been thrown left-handed and had drilled straight through his right hand coming out on the other side. ‘Don, I cried, bugger off with Bev.’ ‘I will not leave you alone,’ he said. ‘Start the car then, 'I cried,' but take her away.’ Freddy's hand disappeared behind his back and reappeared with a new knife. The screaming Indian still tried to pull the knife out of his hand, but it was stuck between some bones and tendons. 'Scream you fuck head, ‘Fred promised in slow motion frozen time,’ I am coming to cut out your tongue. ‘ I realized to my horror that Freddy who was one of the few who are both left and right-handed. Don and Bev ran away and it was now as always, the good guys against the bad guys, it was just difficult to determine who was good or bad.

The lip was the most primate of all and rushed forward and it was a tangle of arms and blows that rained. The bartender grabbed the phone off the hook and Freddy said, ‘before I open these brothers, one good advice, take care for the lady, we’ll sort things out here, I'll see you again.’ Moments later I ran with Rico to the car that was already warming up.

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