The hidden years in Canada 63, midnite madness

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Midnite madness

Tonite, midnite madness, it said in large letters on a billboard. It was spelled the modern way like you’d see more and more often in Calgary where allright became alrite and night .. nite, well there were more different spellings in our region. There was a huge marquee bass thump and it turned out that even though it was not midnight yet, the madness, the madness was beginning to take root. Sweet city woman, played by the only rock group that Calgary had produced, the Stampeders. It became a hit and which band could better play at the Calgary Stampede then the still fairly unknown 'Stampeders’. The banjo prevailed and gave a special effect, a cheerful effect on the vocal accompaniment. Calgary adopted you immediately, if you as a company or club or company put something with Stampede in your name, you found an easy entrance to the inhabitants of the prairie city.

It softened the harshness of the chuckwagon races and the rough fighting bouts of the cowboys in the free fight tent. ‘Are we experiencing midnite madness,’ said Don? ‘If I may speak for myself,’ I said, ‘rather not, it begins at midnight with fireworks and celebrations, and tomorrow we are back on the road with the 10-tonner.’ Rico nodded, and said, ‘but we can still stop at Pop for a shake.’ 'Children's bedtime for little men, ‘Bev said teasingly. We walked towards the exit from the tent where we had to wade against the current because many came just for the midnight celebrations. So you ‘d see immediately the divide, those who want to see the cowboy events that take place during the day and those who come just to party.



Eventually we came to the garden where the Pontiac was parked in. The owner of the garden was dozing a bit in his chair. ‘ Did you have a nice time, ‘he asked, in a bored voice? ‘Yes,’ I said, 'just fine.' ‘There's been an accident at the Chuck Wagons,’ said Don. ‘I know,’ the man said, and he pointed to the transistor radio that was on the floor beside him. ‘They have put six horses down and one driver is dead and two are critical.’ ‘We left, it was horrible’ Bev filled in, ‘we came to the catch as catch can.’ ‘That must have been good,’ and the man pointed again to the radio. ‘Our Archie up against some animal of the prairie.’ ‘Bobby Joe,’ I said. ‘Now the fight has stopped,’ the man said. ‘There have been three terrible rounds and these guys are just belting each other to kingdom come, bets are now being put on the fighters and then they’ll come back for an extra  round. You can not let it undecided. ‘ ‘Oh, that sounds like Archie is struggling,’  laughed Richard..

‘So guys, '' I’ll get an extra $ 8 of you. It's eleven o'clock and you have been parked 13 hours,’ he said, after he looked at the note. ‘

The Pontiac growled and crawled slowly backward first on to the sidewalk and then into the street. Rico's hand found the chrome button and it was clicked on. CKXL, came the advertising trailer for the own station. From flower power land, now top of the list, with Donovan’s hurdy gurdy man, Donovan's voice sang with obvious influence from India and the text hit me like a bomb. I turned the volume up to full, and I sat cross-legged with friends under the stars in India. I understood Donovan while he sang. ‘Hey,’ said Rico, and he pulled the steering wheel and brought the heavy Pontiac back into our lane. ‘Man,’ he said, ‘you were far away.’ I nodded while the connection with the guru broke up slowly.

‘Hey,’ Bev exclaimed, ‘I know something good.’ ‘Go ahead,’ I said, my soul had become pliable clay, I saw on the music my soul wandering into other lives. ‘We're not going to POP’s,’ she said. ‘I'd like to see the Queens.’ ‘Bev,’ I began, but Rico smiled softly. ‘If you really want that then you should know that for yourself, but stay with us.’ So we stopped a little before midnight in the slum that surrounded the Queens and I let the heavy American float to the parking spot.

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