The hidden years in Canada 62, Bobby Joe

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Bobby Joe

‘That was terrible,’ said Bev and we were all in agreement with her. Poor poor cowboys and horses. The Cowboys have at least opted for it, the horses are trained and just put in a span.'For the purse of $ 1000 dollars, ‘shouted a sandwich man who walked around with two plates which read  free fight. ‘Who is  fighting,’ asked Don from the man? ‘Our own Archie, dude,’ the man said. ‘If you walk quietly into the tent, in about a 10-minute time space it’ll start to happen.’ .. 'And that is, ‘Richard wanted to know? 'Archie against challengers of the Stampede fair. If you can drop him than you’ll go home with $ 1,000. ‘ ‘Or straight to the hospital,’ laughed Don, and we looked at him in surprise, for we were not used for such witticisms from him. He thought he had to explain to us. ‘if it goes well,’ he said, ‘you have the money and if not you'll leave in a terrible state.’ ‘No holds barred,’ Richard asked? ‘Everything is permitted,’ said the man, who obviously had to fill the tent, ‘only no hitting below the belt.’

‘Do you want to see that,’ Bev asked and I thought about two years ago when I had gone there with Shelly and my brother to a ‘performance’ of Archie’s. Archie Stamper was the undefeated champion of the region, the stomper was his nickname because he literally pounded the opponents into the ground. I had gone home with mixed feelings. On one hand, I appreciated the sublime power of Archie and on the other hand, I had been upset about how he cut up his opponents.

‘It could be interesting,’ Richard said, ‘I see him often in catch as catch can, on TV and Archie is a great champion.’ ‘Oh alright come on,’ said Bev and the man said, ‘box office on the corner near the entrance,’ and he pointed vaguely behind him. ‘I've seen it once with a girlfriend,’ I said, ‘it was our first date, but I am curious to  see if Archie can still have them all.’ ‘You were with a girlfriend  and went to a free fight happening on your first date with her,’ said Bev? ‘Yes, the choice was a bit unlucky,’ I admitted. ‘From then on we only went to cultural films.’ ‘Yes,’ laughed Don,  ‘I got a picture there, hot sex with Kinky Kong or something like that.’ ‘I'm glad you overcame he chuckwagon crash again,’ Richard said, ‘you have your delicate humor back’ and Don smiled sheepishly.

‘You know Don, 'continued Richard,’do  you find that the things that you say are normal?' ‘That depends on what you  define as normal,’ said our friend who would be a psychologist after a few years of study. ‘What do you think is normal Don 'and I realized that Richard was really the shrink. ‘How can I know that,’ Don said despairingly, ‘If you do not know,’ Richard laughed, ‘how can we know it.’ ‘I do not understand where this is going,’ said Don uncertain. ‘We find this very worrisome Don,’ Richard said seriously. I chuckled at the way of Rico, with the use of the word we it seemed to suggest we were worried about Don's mental state. ‘It does not interest me at all what you think,’ said Don! ‘That's a good start for later when you run a private practice,’ laughed Richard.

‘You tell me, what kind of problems you experience, not that it interests me, lay it on the table, I’ll do nothing with it.’ ‘Hey,’ I said, ‘Stop this nonsense, we are having a nice day and I want to keep it that way.’ I understood what Richard meant, in real life, they would make mincemeat of Don. ‘All along with mother goose,’ I suggested and in succession we followed Bev to the  checkout. There were already some preliminaries rounds being fought for the purses of $ 250 dollars and building up to the round of $ 500.

‘Break, break,’ cried the two referees who sought to  release the grip off a monster of a cowboy around another cow poke that was ruthlessly being slapped. The cowboy that they attempted to stop, was holding another fellow up with one hand and beating him with the other. ‘You're already there,’ shouted the referee, ‘he is K.O. but you are keeping him on his feet. Stop stop .. ‘Now the gong went continuously.


A bear of a man came racing fforward, 'Archie, Archie,' shouted the people along the aisle. He came out of the dressing room it was clear he still had regular jeans on but his shirt was half off and fluttered behind him. The man was with a number of steps in the ropes and stepped inside. ‘Hey,’ he called and the slapping cowboy turned, 'drop the meat,‘ roared the man in jeans.The cowboy gave his victim a slap and then opened his hand and the unfortunate slipped to the ground. He turned now and saw the whole man mountain himself come down on him and he made the mistake of taking a fighting stance. He was hit by a locomotive of a train in the form of Archie and he was blown off his feet. When he tried to come up, cowboyboots kicked the man in his face. Then Archie picked him up and threw him through the ropes to the outside where he lay groggy. ‘The ring is yours,’ the man called out to the referees. ‘The winner,’ shouted the referee into the microphone, which has come down is .. and he pointed to the crumpled cowboy on the ground the  reclining gentleman outside the ring.

The man in jeans now quietly climbed through the ropes to the outside and slowly walked away towards the dressing rooms. ‘What was that all about,’Bev said with twinkling eyes? ' ‘That,’ said Richard, ‘was an act of our Archie. ‘Let me tell you something about Archie,’ I said. ‘When I first came to school, I had a difficult time, the school bully was always after my skin and I knew I could not outrun him for too long. Dr. Richard here 'and I pointed to Rico, ‘advised me to watch free fights on Saturdays on the TV, catch as catch can to prepare me better. Professor Richard was right, there was a method in the slaughter of the opponent and I learned a lot from Archie. You do not withdraw ever, on the contrary you step fearlessly into battle and you pick out the weak spot. ‘


‘How did it end,’ said Bev, ‘with the school bully?’ ‘He wanted to finish me in the  school toilets and I did an Archie to him.’ ‘Why did he want to finish you,’ said Bev? ‘I called his girlfriend ''honey lips” I said and he was quite jealous. ‘So,’ said Bev? ‘I walked up to him and kicked him in the stomach when he flopped over, I hit his head on my knee, I heard a crunching sound in his nose, then I belted him with his head on the sink edge and dragged him to the nearest toilet to flush him through. ‘ ‘You did what,’ Bev exclaimed? ‘Flush him away, 'I repeated,' it seemed to me a good plan at the time. His big ugly head did not fit into the pot, so I flushed and splattered him wet until he came to. ‘ ‘Was he knocked out then,’ Bev asked aghast? 'Oh yes,' I said, 'I told him I had pissed over his head. ‘ ‘Never mind, I do not want to hear it,’ said Bev, ‘pff what are men terribly macho.’

‘You've never been with us for the Queen's,’ Rico laughed, ‘what big mother just told is  a fairy tale in comparison.’ The gong interrupted further discussion 'for the purse of $ 500, ‘came the nasal voice from the speakers. ‘In the left corner, the winner of the small exhibition which has just been helped by our Archie out of the ring: cowboy Jack. Whoever steps inside, the winner may go for the big purse of $ 1,000, as challenger of our chaaampion? ‘ He stretched the word long and raised a forefinger conjuring up.

‘Are there not any men in the audience today,’ the man asked? ‘Cowboy Jack, '' what do you say about this,’ said the announcer? He had to fill the time, it was obvious. ‘I will knock them off,’ ‘Cowboy Jack growled into the microphone. ‘Yes, Jack, but I mean what do you think of the fact that nobody gets up?’ The microphone was again held under the nose of Cowboy Jack. He cleared his throat and growled, ‘I will knock them off, all of them. '' ‘Thank you Cowboy Jack, for your contribution,’ said the announcer. ‘Here,’ shouted a clear voice, ‘I’ll  grab that Cowboy Jack with his urban antics and I will beat him rotten.’

A man came forward that I recognized. 'Rico,' I said, 'look!' ‘Take off your shirt,’ said the official, ‘no hidden weapons? The rules are easy steps no hitting below the belt and for the rest everything goes. ‘ ‘Your name, sir,’ said the announcer, ‘and where do you come from?’ ‘I come from Brooks,’ said the man who had muscles on his muscles, ‘that is if you do not know, on the prairie and I am called Bobby Joe.’ ‘Welcome Bobby Joe, what are you doing here tonight?’ ‘At first I intent to knock the fat guy out and then I’ll go partying with my Norma Jeanne.’ Feebly our Cowboy Jack's voice reached us, 'I'll kill you. ‘ Even without a microphone under his nose you understood him clearly.

‘Three round of 2 minutes,’ said the official, ‘the man with the most damage loses in case of no K.O ' 'Are there any questions?' ‘I will kill him,’ said Cowboy Jack to the referee and it echoed over the loudspeaker system. The gong went and cowboy Jack and Bobby Joe walked off, holding his bull neck in an angle and looking at his impending opponent with interest. Cowboy Jack did one or two dance-like boxing moves and connected his fist to the jaw of the prairie man. Again and again. Bobby Joe caught the next hand in full flight and slowed it to a halt. Cowboy Jack hammered out with his other fist blow after blow in the face of Bobby Joe, who now had a bloody lip.

Very gingerly Prairie man opened the fist of his assailant which he still held in a vise like grip. while it rained blows on his face and torso and squeezed hard in the hand of Cowboy Jack who was now on the knees. He pulled him up and again as if it were a dance he pulled him a little closer and belted him over his head. Cowboy Jack screamed like a skinny pig. ‘ He is breaking it, '' Oh my God, ‘he is breaking my hand, 'screamed Cowboy Jack. ‘Uncle,’ he cried 'uncle,' 'I give up. Make him quit, I give up.' ‘Mares eats oats and  those eats oats,’ Bobby Joe sang a children's song and by every syllable he belted the cowboy. The referees came running, ‘Break,’ cried one, 'it's over. ‘ Cowboy Jack had become a heap of wailing misery. ‘A little bit jumbled and Jivy,’ sung Bobby Joe, ‘Mares,’ and he kicked the man, 'eat and  oats and those eat oats, ‘and he belted him, and little lambs eat ivy', and lambs....Through the aisles came  a mountain of a man rushing forward, like in a deja vu, I knew who it was and what was about to happen. From a far he cried, ‘let the meat go, man,’ I warn you. ‘Let's go,’ Bev said, I've seen enough. Bobby Joe saw me when I got up, 'Hey big mother, ‘he cried happilly,' come join us too.’ ‘No,’ I cried, ‘tomorrow we will have coffee together in Brooks.’ 'Let go Bobby Joe .. Norma Jean would want that as well. ‘ 'Okay,' he said and dropped cowboy Jack like a puppet. ' Come along you, ‘Bev said, and she pulled my arm,’ you know the wrong people

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