The Beckhams - All members of the Beckham family

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The Beckhams are a family with 4 children. The parents David and Victoria married in 1999. The children are Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper. Both of the parents are off course very famous and together they would have around 350 million euro.

David Beckham:  40 years old, ex football player. He played at Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, Milan and Paris Saint-Germain. Also famous because of all his haircuts. He retired from football in 2013.

Victoria Beckham: 41 years old, Victoria was one of the five members of the Spice Girls, a pop group. That’s how she became famous. After the group split, she made some singles. When she married David in 1999, they became one of the most famous couples in the world. She stopped singing in 2013.

Brooklyn Beckham: 16 years old, Brooklyn is the oldest son. He also plays football like his dad. He plays at Arsenal and he’s very talented. 

Romeo Beckham: 12 years old, he has the looks of his parents and does some modelling. He also plays football and people say he has even more talent than his older brother. 

Cruz Beckham: 10 years old, he likes break dance and was born in Spain.

Harper Beckham: 3 years old, last kid and only girl, already has her own designers. Her name is tattooed on David’s right arm.

The Beckhams

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