The hidden years in Canada 51, dead horses

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Dead horses

‘Hi guys,’ exclaimed Don and gave a thumbs up to us. Pop was washing up some plates and good vibrations came from the juxebox. It was appropriate, I always felt good vibrations in the company of my friends and the text could easily refer to Bev, how was it that we had not seen how good and pretty she was, and I knew the answer, we had all been too close  when were all together and then you get a strong brother and sister feeling that predominates. ‘Hi,’ Richard shouted back to the table as we got closer. ‘How was your week,’ said Beverly? ‘Quite different,’ I laughed and Richard chimed in, ‘we do other work you know?’ ‘Oh,’ Bev said, ‘what do you do now?’ ‘We are the whole day on the road with a truck, Richard replied. We go to Red Deer and Lethbridge, and sometimes to Medicine Hat. ‘

‘Gosh,’ said Don 'and you like that?' I tasted a bit of envy and I understood that I could never explain well how difficult it was just to be allowed drive that old truck. Explaining that the world outside school and POP's was another, a frightening world. a continuous battle, where you balanced on the precipice of not being fired by the  whim of a misfit who unfortunately had something to say over you. ‘Yes, it's nice,’ I said, not to be drawn into the descriptions of our everyday interpretations, I repeated it again, ‘quite nice’ and asked, ‘how was your day Don?’ ‘Well well,’ he laughed, ‘my parents are busy applying for scholarships, so that they can just let me study without actually laying out all too much.’ ‘That's good of your parents,’ I said. ‘But was your day like? ‘Not nice,’ Don replied, ‘I'm just busy with my exams and in short am preparing for the moment of truth. '

‘You know,’ Bev said, ‘everyone is suffering in one way or another, life really does not differ so much from one to another person.’ The Goddess of wisdom had spoken and I knew she was right. ‘Between now and our pension we have to do something, the interpretation that we give to that indicates and determines how happy we are,’ she continued. I looked at her in astonishment, she had given voice to the feeling that I had been walking about with for weeks, precisely formulated. I had to chuckle, she should be a psychologist, Don would study it but she was the psychologist, philosopher and Goddess in a natural way.

‘Do you think that's funny,’ said Bev? ‘No,’ I explained, ‘but it's like you want some tasty dish and you cannot remember the name. Take for example lasagna. ‘ ‘You like that,’ said Don, interested? ‘It is an example, 'Don, Richard said with a tone of exasperation,’ listen to the man, ‘and he pointed to me. ‘Indeed Don, it's not important whether I like it or not it, but look, you can not get the name. You know how it tastes, the name is just around the corner and the more you try to remember the more unattainable is that name. Now you can see it in front of, you know what the ingredients are and then someone comes along and says, 'lasagne' and you know she has described exactly what you were looking for, you were so close and you could not voice it. ‘


‘Beverly has just given me insight how life works from our youthful years until retirement, and she has expressed it a way that opened my eyes.’ ‘I do not understand,’ said Don. ‘No,’ I replied with a smile, ‘it was very difficult.’ ‘You have to go and  study something useful,’ Richard said, ‘handicrafts for Eskimos or something like that, or you have to learn to listen  to people in life.?

Beverly said, ‘I have discovered something this week that I find very interesting, if someone wants to know how my week went.’ ‘Of course we do,’ I hurried to say and I meant it. ‘What will it be, my favorite Sirtaki dancers' POP’s voice sounded behind us. ‘Do us some milkshakes please,’ said Beverly, she had chosen. ‘I assume that you have no lasagna,’ said Don? ‘Oh, Don,’ Bev sighed. ‘Not today,’ said Pop. ‘Are you hungry Don,’ Bev wanted to know, ‘you know you are getting too fat?’ Suddenly I was glad that Don had been chosen by Bev, I just had the idea that Don, would receive a lot of adjustment in his life. ‘Actually, I am’ said Don. ‘I have wonderful burgers,’ said Pop. ‘Okay,’ Richard said, ‘please do us four burgers.’ ‘One without relish and sauce,’ Bev said, pointing to Don. ‘You’ll have a wonderful life,’ said Pop and turned around.

‘Tell us Bev, 'I said,' what have you discovered?’ ‘There is a creek just over the state line in BC and it is called’ dead horse creek. ‘ ‘I'm listening, I said. ‘It is next to a valley that is called 'dead horse cementary’. ‘ 'Dead horse cemetery, ‘Don said to himself,’ what a weird name. ‘ ‘There is a small hamlet near it, Deadhorse,.’ ‘Well,’ said Don. ‘You would not believe it,’ Bev said, ‘but there are a few places with that name. There is also a place in Alaska, Dead horse and it has 50 inhabitants, and in Manitoba, two states to the east of here is a dead horse creek, and in Arizona a place called cementary of dead horse. ‘

‘How did you come to know all this,’ Bev, I asked? ‘The school,’ she said proudly. ‘ First I got nowhere until I figured after a couple of visits that there ought to be a place names register consisting of place names of North America and Canada. Like a voting register. The 'D' of dead  did it, I came across  all these. ‘Chapeau, I said, 'you have done well. BC is the closest thing shall we give it some attention? ‘ ‘To what exactly?’ Asked Don. ‘Think of Ken’s story,’ I explained, ‘All towns with dead deer in it. Deer graze and nibble at bushes and eat tree bark. Horses graze all day long if you give them the chance, Don is it clear? ‘ ‘It is completely clear to me now,’ laughed Don, ‘we are going to be rich.’ ‘Maybe not,’ I replied, ‘but we do have an indication of where we can find possible riches.’ ‘Bev,' Richard asked, can you figure out how we can get to those places in BC '' I could,’ Beverly said, 'next week, I’ll know more.'


Pop came with the burgers and Don's hand went to the ketchup bottle. ‘If you just leave it out of your head,’ Bev said, ‘because you’ll get pimples Don!’ Sheepishly our upcoming psychologist pulled his hand back. Richard and I exchanged a look of understanding and Bev continued, ‘how many times do I need to tell you, Don?’

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