The hidden years in Canada 50, the queen of the Mississippi

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Mississippi Queen

In the old Pontiac chieftan, Richard's hand found the chrome button that clicked the radio on. The little speaker crackled a bit and CKXl came back into our lives and announced ‘Mississippi Queen.’ Leslie West slipped the tune into our car. It was a free jam session performance and it was clever, no other words to describe it. ‘You know,’ I said, 'it is not in notation, it is not written down, they can not play the same thing twice.’ ‘I do not understand the text,’ Richard said. ‘Listen Rico,’I said, ‘it explains itself. You need to reach out and put the puzzle pieces together to complete the picture, the picture should be coming from you .. think of that when you have  text comprehension resit at school in a few weeks time.

If you can not mirror to society and name reality then you live in a haze, open yourself up and listen well.’


Mississippi Queen, If you know what I mean

Mississippi Queen, She taught me everything

Way down around Vicksburg, Louisiana Way Around

Lived a cajun lady, Aboard the Mississippi Queen

You know she was a dancer

She moved better on wine


‘What do you know about the Mississippi,’ I asked? ‘That's a river in the South,’ Richard said. ‘That's it,’ I asked? Open yourself up, get everything out of the registers, what image does it evoke.’ ‘A lot of water,’ said my co-driver’,  and slavery, great French influence when it was still a colony. Louisiana was founded by the French king and New Orleans was named after Orleans in France.’ Anything else you know to put it in context. The framework  of the text?’ ‘Yes,’ Richard said, ‘big paddle boats, ‘ Oh, 'he said, ‘ they were used to keep the connection between the cities on the Mississippi.’ ‘Okay,’ I said. ‘What is a Queen, I asked?’ A queen is of course the wife of the king. ‘ 'Yeah so?' ‘That was it,’ Rico said. ‘It is also another name for a gay or a woman of loose morals,’ I said.  Like our Queen's bar with the hookers.‘

‘Leslie asks if you know what a Mississippi Queen is , so he asks;’ if you know what I mean ‘you know? He draws you into the story but wants you to understand it. He has met a hooker aboard such a connection boat and who taught him everything he knows, everything about sex. He also says where the teaching took place. Where Young Richard, I imitated mister Boston’s voice? ‘

‘Near Louisiana,’ Richard replied thoughtfully. ‘Exactly, young man, enlighten us with your insights, you know a bit more about that lady?’ ‘Uh, yes,’ said Rico, Lived a Cajun lady, Aboard the Mississippi Queen, ‘‘ So, ‘I encouraged him ...? ‘She's cajun whatever that is, and has a permanent cabin aboard the Queen Mississippi. So when they embark thereof then it must be a ship, a boat. ‘ ‘Yes, I agreed, 'a Mississippi Queen, a whore and she sleeps and lives aboard a boat with the same name. '


‘What's a dancer more than a dancer, Rico? Leslie asks: You know she was a dancer, ‘he repeats, to be sure that there is no confusion that she is definitely a hooker, a whore. One that likes free drinks and she is Cajun, a beautiful French American. The women in the South are still called ‘belles. So the whiskey Southern belles, has nothing to do with church bells it's just a whiskey from the Southern state with the beautiful girls. '


While the rest of them dudes were'a gettin 'Their kicks,

Boy I beg your pardon, I was getting mine


Mississippi Queen, If you know what I mean

Mississippi Queen, She taught me everything

This lady she asked me, If I would be her husband

You know that I told her, I'd do what I can

To keep her looking pretty

Buy her dresses That shine


While the rest of them dudes were making their bread

Boy I beg your pardon, I was losing mine


‘Why don't you do anything with it,’ Rico asked, ‘You really understand the lyrics. Because I have already passed my literature course, ‘I laughed,’ you still need to. ‘Gettin'your kicks is having fun and Leslie did not complain, while the rest drank and gambled, he had his own way of amusing himself. She ripped him of, Rico and asked him if he wanted to be her boyfriend and how did it go down? ‘ ‘Uh badly,’ said Rico, 'while the rest earned money, making bread, he got her everything she wanted and only lost money, she picked him clean. It has a warning character. ‘ ‘Yes,’ I said, ‘or is simply the ultimate narrative, something about informing you about the writer.’


‘What you did not understand about the text,’ Richard? ‘I'll listen to it, but it does not penetrate, the music leads me too much from the text,’ Richard said thoughtfully.’ ‘I don’t have that,’ I said, 'to me the music is the background frame, but the lyrics are the most important to me, it all depends on what you focuss on. you can either pick one or the other. ‘ ‘I know something,’ Rico said, ‘if we work on Monday and we have long drives, then we can discuss and analyze texts from my Poetry book.’ I had to laugh. ‘What's so strange about it,’ Rico asked a little resentful. 'Nothing,' I said, 'absolutely nothing except that we are probably the only trucking crew, who do runs through the prairie reciting poetry. ‘ ‘Is it a deal Richard asked.’ ‘Yes,’ I said, ‘but only if you leave your anthology of verse in the cabin when we go for coffee or the rest will think we're a bunch of softies. '

So we arrived at POP’s soda and parked the old power beast in the parking bay and saw through the window Don and Bev, they looked up and started waving.

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