The hidden years in Canada 47, take off

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 Take off

That morning, early, we stopped at the Pancakehouse where Debbie worked. The last notes died away of  Itcycoopark, when the old Pontiac made its way to a parking place. ‘Hi,’ Debbie said with a cheerful smile, ‘that is a long time boys, have you've missed me a bit?’ ‘I always miss you,’ Rico said, and I thought how easily the lies come out in the adult world. ‘How are the urban cowboys,’ she asked, ‘have you all reached the top floor?’ ‘No, not exactly,’ said Rico, 'we're going to do other work. At least that depends on Big mother ‘and he pointed at me. ‘If he takes his driving test and passes it, then we have other work and otherwise we are on the street.’ ‘Oh, that sounds exciting,’ was Debbie. ‘But you already have a driver's license,’ she said, and she pointed over her back to the old American? ‘Yes, but this is heavy duty,’ I said, 'trucks and stuff. ‘

The plate sizzled with the oil that was poured over the dough and it started to get a brown-veined white color that would make it into pancake. Debbie, put a pot of maple syrup that in Canada is just tapped from the trees, and we waited with a stomach growling in anticipation.

‘Hey Deb,’ I began, ‘do you still see Shirly at times?’ ‘Who, which Shirly,’ she asked as she looked at me strangely. ‘Our Shirly, 'I said,' you know of Toby's jug.’ ‘I do not know any Shirly,’ she said, ‘I do not know what you're talking about.’ I must have looked bewildered. ‘ Close your mouth, 'Rico advised me and I shut it in the middle of a sentence. ‘Really, you really say so,’ I said, ‘in all seriousness? ‘Yes,’ Debbie laughed coquettishly now, ‘I remember that we were there thethree of us ,’ ‘You’ and she pointed to Rico 'and big mother and I, but for the rest no one. ‘ The penny dropped, women form an unspoken club and are very loyal in that club towards each other, the ranks were closed.

‘Debbie,’ I said, 'Come on, you know what I'm talking about. ‘ ‘Listen,’ she said, ‘for what it's worth, some things you should leave as they are, you should not make your life difficult, if you do, it can sometimes turn very nasty in your life. Moreover, I might forget you too then. ‘ ‘If you only don’t forget me,’ said Rico, ‘in a few weeks, there is a love-in, will you come with me? ‘ ‘Groovy,’ she said. ‘I think that is crazy,’ and there we were, and I followed how Rico and Debbie raised havoc and my pancakes had suddenly become tasteless, no matter how much maple syrup I poured over them.

Ta, ta tadum, the TV blurted out, suddenly the recognition of a trumpet from NASA in a tune which the generation that then lived would never forget. Apollo 11 had been launched, I got goose bumps all over my body. The Americans had sent three astronauts on their way to the moon. Each news update was preceded by the heraldic trumpet blasts. Days on end programs would be interrupted by the trumpets and would continue following the report. TVs were on 24 hours a day and the North American continent held its breath.


‘They've really done it,’ I said, not believing my eyes and ears. Rico and Debbie had eyes only for each other. ‘ Look, ‘I said,’ with emphasis, man this is historic, '' 4,3,2,1,0 .. And we have lift off, God speed, said the voice from the control center and May God bless you ... ‘I felt a lump in my throat and an undefined sense of pride swell, we were part of it. My goodness it was real, it was not a drill, they were on their way to the moon.

The big Saturn V rocket shook on it’s ray of fire, towers collapsed sideways to make way for the space monster. Gigantic clouds of smoke came from the long slots of the launch platform, at the Kennedy Space Centre the rocket rose lifting off slowly, with three astronauts who would write history.

A deep American voice explained in a few sentences what was about to happen within the next hour. ‘You need to realize,’ the voice said, ‘that the gravity of the Earth will pull at the spacecraft until the gravity of the moon prevails. The capsule will thereby reach a top speed of 39 000 kilometers per hour and the distance to the moon is 384 000 kilometers.’

Now Rico looked along, 'holy shit, ‘he said,’ do you hear that? ‘ ‘Yeah man,’ I replied, ‘this is a very special moment.’ On the way back they will be delayed until the gravity of the earth makes them ‘fall back’ the deep voice continued, those speeds will be many times greater.’ Ta, ta tadum, ..and the regular program was resumed.

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