The hidden years in Canada 42, the homecoming

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The home coming

‘Hi tiger,’ Shirley said when I got home, ‘do not walk into the kitchen, I have just mopped the floor. I have a bag of your stuff ready, ‘and she pointed to a plastic shopping bag that was waiting beside the door.’ What's going on, I asked, ‘and I wanted to press her against me but she avoided me. ‘Hey,’ she said, ‘ just stay on the mat, I just cleaned everything. I'm coming with you. You know, grab your bag and give me two minutes I’ll throw some chlorine in the pot. ‘Her beautiful dark hair with a touch of red was tied up. She looked insanely attractive. She came over to me, ‘so all is clean again,’ she laughed a little tense. ‘I have to leave here unexpectedly. Come with me and we'll talk about it over a cup of coffee, around the corner, for example. ‘ I wanted to put my arm around her, but she shied away from me like I would burn or scorch her by my touch. Something was very wrong and I did not know what.

As she walked beside me, her heels clicking on the street with every step, I wanted her with all my heart and whatever it was, it did not matter, after the coffee when she would have told me, I would take charge and  I would help her solve whatever trouble she was in. There we were having a cup of coffee, she had turned the collar of her imitation leather jacket up and was patiently sipping her coffee.

‘It was fun,’ she said. ‘But everything comes to an end.’ I made as if to take her hand but she pulled her hand back. ‘Shirley,’ I said, 'What is going on? ‘ ‘Anything and everything,’ she replied .. ‘I don’t ever want to see you again and will always deny that I have ever seen you before in my life.’ 'You were very nice and tasty, just remember that. ‘ ‘Shirley,’ I said, ‘what has changed?’ ‘In your life nothing but in mine all the more,’ she smiled sadly. ‘Okay,’ I said. ‘Stop it! Do you love me? ‘ ‘No,’ she said, ‘but we have had fun.’ 'I love you Shirley, ‘‘ I could barely wait all day today to see you again. ‘ She avoided my stare, her eyes looking into a far distance and smiled. ‘Thank you, but that was not mutual, and I think you were in love with love, and not with me.’

‘Give me one reason, one good reason that we will not sleep together or eat together or whatever.’ ‘That reason is 1 meter 94 and weighs about a hundred kilos,’ said Shirly ‘and is very aggressive.’ ‘What are you talking about,’ I said too loudly, that made people look up. ‘My husband,’ Shirley said quietly, her eyes held mine fixed, to better see the effect that the statement would make. My mouth fell shut. ‘I took you because I liked you and wanted you badly,’ Shirly said, ‘but it turned into something more serious than I wanted.’ ‘You're married,’ I managed to get out with much effort? ‘Oh yeah,’ already a few years, said Shirly, I suddenly felt myself in the role of the graduate with Mrs. Robinson, the boy who had been seduced by an older woman .. and goes heartbroken because of it. But that was a movie that could not be the truth? ‘Gosh,’ I said when it  penetrated me to the fullest. ‘You're coming with me,’ I said and looked at her. ‘I love your balls,’ she said, ‘your young doglike attitude to life, the fun in knowing that you always know how to deal with me, and that is where it  ends.’


It was so banal that she must have said it deliberately I thought, to ‘turn me of’, 'Hey man Shirly, ‘I said,' I am more than just a few balls and a night in bed?’ ‘You're exactly that,’ she laughed, ‘at least for me. Mike is coming tomorrow. ‘ ‘Who is Mike,’ I asked aghast? ‘Oh sorry,’ said Shirly, ‘Mike is a marine, a professional soldier, you know, and has served just two years in Lebanon. If he suspected that you as much as exist then he’ll pull your head off. It will be nice to see him again. ‘ She got up, 'will you pay for the coffee? Cheaper you'll never get laid in life.‘ ‘In God's name,’ I said, 'Listen to me, for me it was more, it doesn’t interest me if there are 10 Mikes. ‘ ‘Yup,’ she said, ‘I can see that but it interests me, I'm not a whore, I'm a loyal wife to Mike who has been waiting patiently for him. Alas, all  comes prematurely to an end. ‘ ‘I was more than a one night stand,’ I asked? Women are so strong and I noticed again how strong. She ran her hand through my hair, 'You honestly want to know, ‘she laughed? ‘Yes,’ I replied. ‘Much more,’ she said, ‘and therefore I do not know you and I don’t ever want to see you again. Silly boy, ‘she said and kissed my forehead and left me behind, stunned.

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