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In London ducks have their own path

Door Zinka gepubliceerd op Tuesday 26 May 18:14

London is one of the busiest cities in the world. The major traffic, bearly hold with each other, but the smaller road users sometimes are overlooked.
Around the waters in London there are a lot of ducks.

Taking greater account of each other

To ensure that pedestrians and cyclists take more account of the waddling animals in the city, the company Canal & River Trust has launched a frivolous action. On sidewalks near London's waters are special "duck paths' marked.

We have to share the space

We have the "duck lanes made to show that there really is not much space and that we have to share, says Dick, one of the initiators, on Bored Panda. Our motto is' share the space, drop your pace, it's a special place. "

Can these ducks stay between the lines

Not only ducks in London have their own pavements, but there is also thought about the animals in Birmingham and Manchester.

Now let's see if the ducks understand that they have to walk between the lines

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mooi artikele
"artikel" sorry van de spelfout
Very nice and practical. Makes people more social.
Ja hoor, dat gaan de eenden snappen. Zodra eentje doorheeft dat ze daar veilig kunnen waggelen, volgt de rest vanzelf wel.