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Fairy tale pictures of a dutch photographer in the media

Door Zinka gepubliceerd op Monday 25 May 15:04

The Dutch photographer, Adrian Sommeling, takes pictures of his son, which he then edit to images that border on the magical. His photos have been getting a lot of attention in the media, even the prince of Dubai is enthusiastic.

"It's actually during my childhood arise," says Adrian. "My mother is an artist and I paint since my childhood with her. Four years ago, I exchanged the brush for the camera. Now I actually draw and paint with pictures! "

My son stands central in each photo

Central to each picture is Adrians, son. To the small protagonist, the photographer knows each time to invent a new story. "It starts with an idea, then I think a appropriate background to this. Then I photograph my son in a studio, and I have the background picture slice and edit them together."

My son is quite critical of my work

The result is colorful, almost fairy-tale pictures where the boy seems to live the best adventures. However, he did not always want to pose for his father. "If he's tired, he has sometimes not so much joy, but again he did not want me to photograph another boy. Currently he is even quite critical on my work "Smiles Adrian.

The Crown Prince has seen my work

Since the photos are noticed by the media, Adrian is getting calls for all sides of jobs and interviews. His pictures are even observed in distant Dubai. "The personal photographer of the Crown Prince is a friend of mine. Through him I know that he has seen my work. "Whether the prince is a real fan of Adrians work, he doesn´t know, but he had a change to talk to him for a moment. 

Dont forget the child in you

Adrian does not have a real purpose to his work. However, he is happy that his work, through social media is everywhere to see. Because of all the attention he gives workshops now and his pictures are everywhere used in commercials for national and international companies. His message? "Be positive, and do not forget the child within you."


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