Video Gedicht: The Garden of Soulmates

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The Garden of Soulmates:

Behind our eyes there is a life. A life of love, health and beautiful moments. Love comes from the spirit, so i tell you to close your eyes. And imaginate an another world.....


You walk trough a garden. It's a heavenly paradise. Like the garden of Eden.  Feel the love of your soul and your soulmate who is walking next to you. Take his hand and feel pure love, a kind of love you never felt before. He is looking in your eyes. His eyes are like the universe, full of immortal souls. He brings you to a dimension, where only souls exist. A world of love and peace. There is no anger and fear. Go into yourself, and fill your body with warm light. Give the light to him. You are connected to each other with slighters of light and love. Your hearts are one. God is inside the human. He will give only love. It is a satisfying feeling, a feeling only felt in heaven. There is no time. Just only you and lover. There are no broken hearts, a broken heart does not exist.


Your souls of love, is a propagation. You consists of light and are the source of loving energy. You are connected with your soul mate, and he will be with you forever. Beloved people meet each other on earth. Physically, you feel attracted to each other. This comes from your heart. The source, because you are in love with each other's souls. You know each other from many previous lives. In eternity you will be together. Love can not die. Not if you reunited with your soul mate.


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