The hidden years in Canada 40, the break

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The  break

It had been a great weekend with a lot of impressions. The old Pontiac prowled with the rumbling growl from the exhaust pipes away from the street where Rico lived. When we arrived at the avenue where Jeff should have been waiting, no one was there. ‘Yup,’ said Rico 'too much celebrating, I suppose,' and he turned to the chrome button that turned with a click. We were reconnected with CKXL and the outside world. ‘See, me, feel me,’ came from the ancient little speaker and that brought to me  the pleasant idea that Shirly would be 'home' again that night. I chuckled to myself, it seemed to me like a life had passed in two days.

You saw the towers now from afar, they progressed steadily but surely, creeping up a little more each week into heaven. ‘Later, I will look back with pleasure,’ I thought ‘and enjoy the thought that my work had been also added to this project.’ I was shocked by that very thought. Later, man I was going to move out of Canada, there was too much that had happened to ever be happy again in such a lovely country with such a wicked climate! I realized that I ran the risk of being sucked in by 'the hustle and the bustle ‘the routine that kneads people from schools and slowly puts them in their place in society. Once there, it would be difficult to ever want to do something else, I'd spend the rest of my life with pub tigers and hookers, if I did not get control over myself. I would have to, like Fuzzy, lay money aside, like the boys I lived from hand to tooth.

The only sensible conversation the last couple of months, with a normal person, had been with Ken before Larry had crashed at our feet. ‘Yes Man,’ came the cheerful voice from the disc jockey of CKXl, ‘a plastic person,’ Ken would have said, ‘From a land far away, it should not even be allowed to exist by the encroaching water and where people are still wearing clogs Venus, by  Shocking Blue .. boy I have the record in my hands and  the singer looks good. ‘ ‘What a jerk,’ I said, ‘that's easy, right?’ My whole life I had heard at new schools. Windmill boy, Dutchie, where are your wooden shoes. No cheese today? Until you were accepted. ‘Man, do not worry said Rico, Venus is cool man, you have to listen to it.’ Within a few weeks Venus would rocket across America and Canada at No. 1 which converted Shocking Blue at once into a top band.


Monday started slowly and we unloaded, loads of the crane which was swaying gently in above us, while Louis lip ‘talked ‘ him in. There had been a lot of boys leaving the firm and I now belonged to the old guard. Now there was always wind that got you into tall buildings and you had to be on your guard that you did not really get blown away. Way down a horn sounded and we saw the lorry of Drystale drive into the yard. ‘Okay boys,’ said the lip, ‘time for time out.’ Slowly the cage went down rattling between the two rails that guided her. ‘Hey,’ said Rico, 'Look man, right down' through the gate a big black car came driving in, a limousine, behind a Mercury Cougar. ‘Oh, those are big shots,’ said the lip, ‘they are the investors, who come to do a promotion for the building.’ ‘Are you thinking what I'm thinking, 'I said to Rico. ‘There are no two such Cougars in Calgary,’ chuckled Rico. The cage came down and the door slid open. Ken got out and walked towards the limousine, where a small army of men in black and gray suits stepped out. Immediately a few photographers  emerged followed by men with notebooks, the newspaper I assumed.

We were standing in line at the Drystale lorry waiting for our turn. ‘Yellow river’ sounded from the speakers. Ken walked away slowly and looked up at the tower, his eyes shielded from the sun. Without thinking about it, I cried, ‘here Ken and I waved. ‘Man, what are you doing,’ said the lip, ‘you don’t screw about with those guys, or you can forget about your job’ and he pulled my arm down. ‘I know him, 'I said and I called again. ‘Yeah, like I know the queen,’ said the lip, ‘lower the arm, moron, we will all be fired.’ Ken came slowly searching  for who had called, 'hey, ‘he said when he saw me,' how are you man?’ ‘Nice man,’ I said. A man in black came walking up behind Ken, with a photographer in tow. 'Mr Zakarek, .sir, ‘the man said,’ do not talk to the riffraf, we can not use pictures with the scum on it. ‘ The lip coloured deeply.

‘Come here, boy,’ said Ken, and he beckoned the speaker, 'you have a permanent contract with me?‘  The man said, 'yes sir .. ‘He beckoned a second man, who obligingly walked up. ‘Bill?’ ‘Yes sir, I am, what can I do for you?’ ‘Bill,’ said Ken, ‘place this man, as far away as possible from me, so I never have to see him again. You eat from this riffraf every day. Without these boys and he pointed to us, and this, he pointed to the tower, would not be here.’ ‘Hey before you go Billy boy ,’said Ken, ‘tell the man of the cart, ‘and he pointed to Drystale’s small truck which you could not possibly call a cart,’ that today I pay all that these good people want. Spread the word boy' ‘Snacks and coffee paid for by this gentleman,’ said Bill. ‘No one has heard that,’ said Ken, ‘again boy with feeling.’ The man put his hands to his mouth and brayed out now and then pointed at Ken. 'Almost,' said Ken, ‘you have forgotten pass the word.’ Pass the word, ‘roared the man now who looked less dignified. ‘Okay boys, enjoy your coffee and your sandwich, take two if you want.’ He stuck up his thumb, ‘you are all A1.’ ‘Hey big mother 'he said to me,' Hey sorry I work with idiots.’ I almost said, so do I, but the time was not right. ‘Will I see you again in two weeks at Jane's,’ said Ken? ‘Yes,’ I replied, ‘fun, can I bring some friends? ‘Sure man, I'll be in a little later.. and now I have it again and I must to do al sorts of stuff .. hey, I'll see you man, peace! ' The lip's mouth had fallen open, 'you really know him, ‘he said,’ not to be believed. ‘

Drystale did good business, and I expected that one of his plastic people auditors would subtract the costs from the gross profit 

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