Invisible ( Engels )

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“Okay, so you're invisible,” he said…..


That was yesterday. Here is a little thing you need to know about me. I am James Wildwood and I am 24 years old. I am a scientist and I invented a way to get invisible. Yesterday I went to my brother to tell him but, I was still invisible.  He could not believe what he saw, well actually what he didn't see. He was pretty shocked. 


It all started when I invented a serum that would make you invisible. I did not tell anyone because I was afraid everyone would try to get it or make me sell it. I wanted to test it but because it’s a liquid I could not give it to a object. I had to test it one a human being. Because I didn't want to tell it to anyone, I had to use it on myself. It worked but there was one thing I forgot. I did not make a anti-serum. So I had a big problem. 


I did not know what to do and I started to panic. Then it hit me. I had to go to the only person who could help me, my brother. He was the only person I could trust. That afternoon I went to my brothers house. I rang the bell but he did not open the door. When I ranged it again he came to the door but because he did not see anyone of course he did not open. I called him. “Hey, can you please open the door. I have to tell you something. Just leave the door open. I will close it.” I did not know if he would do it, but it was my only hope. 


The door opened and I saw my brother looking for me. I walked towards the door and stepped into the hallway. I closed it, walked to the room and called my brother name. “Richard !?” He turned around a looked into the room. He did not see anything. I called him again. “Richard!!?” He dropped his dishes and walked into the room. “ Take a seat please I need to tell you something.” I told him not to be scared because it was me, but he did not believe me. “My middle name is Lucas, my favorite colour is blue, our dog was called Bobo and are mother’s name was Theresa.” His face went from worse to even more scared. 


After I told him the whole story he said : “Okay, so you're invisible,”

- Jarmo de Rek -

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