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3:15PM, Thursday

"School’s finally done", I thought. Lizzie was still talking to her obnoxious friends. I heard her talking about some weird subject. I heard “notice”, “scared” and so on. "Fake", I said to myself and I nodded my head. While I walked further to my house, which was 10 minutes from here, i noticed that something was off.

I’m Debbie, the twin-sister of Lizzie. That is literally how people know me…yeah life sucks. Lizzie and I are twin sisters, both 16 years and 38 days old.


I stopped. I looked around and tied my shoe again. I continued to walk further with a strange feeling. I was anxious, that is the right word to describe it. I started to walk faster and faster, eventually running. I reached home. The feeling that I just witnessed was serious, but I should not talk about it, I never talk. 

7:23 AM, Friday

The anxiety that I felt yesterday was still present. The feeling of a presence made me feel sick. I got up and made myself some nice American breakfast. Weird the TV was on,  it was Lizzie and I on the beach making a sand castle. “All those great memories” I thought. But where did it go wrong?

4:02 PM, Friday

I reached home. Lizzie had been home, she left, but forgot her phone. Let’s check that. 36 notifications…and I have a phone to contact people, not to be contacted. I want that too. I need that. Lizzie is popular and i’m the sister of Lizzie, I deserve to be populair.

4:47 PM, Friday

“I’m home!” I heard Lizzie scream from downstairs. I decided to have a good chat. “Lizzie, I want to be populair too!” I said. She laughed at me, really hard. I was furious. I need revenge. All those years of being a misfit, i want feel like Lizzie.
I kinda want to be Lizzie.

8:30 AM, Monday

I feel a lot better. The new semester of school just started, i was pumped. New Semester, New me.


I’m Lizzie, the twin-sister of Debbie.
Debbie and I are twin sisters, both 16 years and 43 days old.

<> The End.

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