Door UnknownWriter gepubliceerd op Thursday 09 April 19:18
 I know I can be tuff sometimes.
Screaming till my lungs will burst. 
But can you still look at me?
Even when I am at my worst?
Even when I push you away.
All I want is to feel you close.
I won’t be afraid if you promise to stay.
Will you put your arms around me?
Would you stay, 24/7 next me? 
Would you text me, if I can't sleep? 
Wipe away my tears. 
And never let me go.
Just hold me thight ? 
Kissing my, forehead ? 
I don't want to hear, 
" everything is going to be alright " or shit. 
I only want your promise, to stay with me. 
Would you heal my heart ? 
The storm inside me is created from all my fears.
Will you calm it down and be my hero?

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