Black Wings, Crow - Part 1 [Hellion J. Demsworth]

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Screaming’s filled the halls of the institution, waking up many Assassins, one of the elders ran towards the room where the screaming was coming from and he found the thirteen year old Hellion yelling out, arching his back, his eyes rolled back and his head and body completely covered in sweat. Phoenix sat at the edge of the bed, trying to wake the poor boy up from his terrors.

“Hellion” He spoke in a calm, yet concerned voice, placing a hand at the back of his back and lift him up by it to push him against himself. “Shh, Hellion you are safe here”. He let his hand run through the dark blonde messed up sweaty hair. “Wake up, my boy” he tried to sooth him. A sad smile took over when he noticed the boy was opening up his eyes, but filled with fear. “You had one of your terrors again.

The dull blue eyes of the little boy stared at the green eyes of Phoenix, he was so scared, and it caused him to look around, when reality came back to him he calmed down, breathing settled, and tears fell down from his eyes, the images he saw kept hurting him, the murder of his parents, his brother, being held captive by the enemy, beaten and kept underfed. All those memories still haunted the young boy and Phoenix was afraid that he might never grow over that event. Hellion sat up straight and placed his head against Phoenix’s shoulders and soon felt a hand stroking his head.

“One day, my boy… It will stop” He couldn’t tell him when that day would arrive, but for now he just hoped it kept him on his feet as it had for almost three years. “Get dressed and meet me outside, we got some training to do, you have a long way ahead of you, my boy” He looked over at him and saw him nod. “Good, you got fifteen minutes” Phoenix released to boy from his hold and got up. Phoenix had black hair, long and always in a high tail, was strong build, broad shoulders and arm, covered in tattoo’s, normally he is very disciplined and of course he still is but Hellion had become a weakness and he intends to turn soft.

When Phoenix had walked out of the room, Hellion washed himself up quickly and got dressed. Hellion liked it when Phoenix didn’t gave him much time to think about things and he forced him to think about his training and what he wanted to accomplish in the future.

But what did he want to accomplish in the future? He wanted to be skilled, fast, invisible, he wanted to avenge the death of his family on those who killed them, the Templars.

Fourteen minutes later the boy came running to his mentor, and stood still right before him. “I’m ready”. 

“Always in such a haste little bird” Phoenix showed one of his softer expressions. “Now, for today…” Not able to finish his sentence as he heard a lost cry of an animal. “Come with me” he motioned the boy to follow. 

“But…” the boy wanted to protest but he got silenced by Phoenix’s sshhh. He sighed and just as Phoenix said, he followed him. When Hellion caught up with Phoenix he noticed him bending down near the bushes and reached out for something.

The elder walked over to the boy and opened his hand, a little black bird kept crying for help, crying for his mother. “It’s a baby crow” Phoenix thought for a few seconds. “And I got a very important mission for you, I want you to take care of this little thing until it can take care of its own”

“What? But how about my training?” He sure didn’t want to take care of this animal.

“Now, now Hellion… This little one could be compared to you, this little one has lost his mother, he might as well be an orphan” He paused. “Just like you” speaking in a calm tune. “Heal the bird’s wings, raise it and let it go” 

“What is the point in raising it if I have to let go again” 

“An animal in captivity never becomes as old as the animal who get to live in the wild. One day you will understand” He handed the little bird over to the young boy. “You are allowed to use our computers, just be careful, you know of the rules” After he was done talking he placed his hands behind his back and walked away.


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