The hidden years in Canada 31, the hookah people

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The hookah people

We stood by the door opening and I did know if I wanted to see what I thought would come. Is this a tantric sex session, I thought, at least it felt like the same atmosphere. The girl beckoned us and we walked a few steps inside. Now we saw in the room a few feet from the door to the left, a second circle that hugged each other. The only thing you really could distinguish was lit by flickering candles and waxine lights. People who occasionally bowed left to a partner and then again to the right companion. Now I discerned to my right a similar circle of only men. We walked a few steps forward and our eyes became accustomed to the dark room. Next to the door on the wall hung white oversized linen shirts, and on the floor was a pile of clothes. There was a serene atmosphere. Jeff put his finger to his mouth while we sneaked another  few steps forward.

Now I saw something glowing as we came closer. In the circle of which I assumed was Jane’s, stood in the middle a Hookah and Hookah hoses went to the men and Jane rocked rhythmically, autistically back and forth. Jane began, humming softly, and when the men around her joined in the humming, she sang softly but quite understandable; Oh When you are close to me, I feel free and the men reiterated in a deeper pitch and everyone took a suck on hookah pipe which on top of the dish had something glowing. Jane started again, you are what I am waiting for, I feel free, I feel free. I recognized: I feel free, from ‘Cream’ but with customized text. This looked like a liturgy. At different pitches the sentence was repeated. It died down when the pipe was sucked. The boy next to Jane now set in, a frail voice that rose above the room and made its way along the ceiling. I can walk down the street, my eyes don't see, but my mind wants to cry out loud .. my mind wants to cry out loud. Jane: nodded approvingly with an open smile and sang for herself now, I feel free, I feel free. and everyone reiterated. Jane had one of the linen shirts on and it was hanging open, her peace necklace swayed with her movements. Women are goddesses!

The men in the proforma circles also wore white linen shirts, some had dark chest hair protruding under the peace necklace. The dish of the hookah glowed brightly on. I glanced around me each group had the same number of hummers, that could not be a coincidence. There were seven hummers per group, seated with crossed legs. The fact that this place had a virtually naked woman in a group of nearly naked men, made the air sizzle and smolder with the excitement and energy of repressed expectation. ‘The goddess and her six,’ I thought, out of the blue. The air felt heavy but it could also have been caused by the smoldering offerings on hookahs and the incense, that floated past the circles. Jane now held with two hands a shapely breast and said, ‘peace, ‘ to her neighbor who also touched his heart and said, ‘happiness,’ he laughed so innocently that you simply could love him.  'love', said the next one and everyone laughed and hugged each other warmly first to one side and then towards the other hummer. ‘Make love not war,’ Jane said with a loud voice.


Four men got up and walked to another group and there also four hummers made themselves loose from their circle and hugged each other after they had walked to the Jane circle. Solemnly, with modest movements they slowly sat down. Everyone took a suck of the hookah. More than half had changed circle, it probably had something to do with unity or energy. Jane looked up and when she saw Jeff, she smiled sweetly .. Jeff pointed at us and touched his heart, and she opened her hands, as if resting on an invisible ball in our direction and then she touched her heart. Then she touched her lips and made a circular motion with her finger and she broke the contact. I seemed to understand that she would speak to us later and that she had understood that we were friends of Jeff.

She looked intently at the center of the circle and began to hum. There was only the rattling of the hooka pipe and it remained silent until she spoke in a loud voice:  'Nam, fucking Vietnam. hmmm hmmm. In the circles everyone embraced each other and swayed back and forth. 'Nam, fucking Vietnam’ you heard now from many mouths. We walked half turned away, When we were almost at the doorway, the liturgical chant began again: Oh When you are close to me, I feel free ... We stepped through the doorway into the corridor which seemed overly illuminated. 'Wat the hell was that ' Rico asked bewildered? ‘One of the best moments I've ever experienced,’ I said. ‘That,’ said Jeff, ‘is a love happening against Vietnam. Jane has lost a brother there. ‘ I suddenly understood much better what I had been through, we were at ‘a love and peace sit in’. Jane and I had common grounds, I had felt it from a distance, she was serene, enlightened, healing people and had suffered a lot because of the unfair death had closed his fingers around a loved one when you least expected it.

As if it had to be emphasized a song blasted out now; For what it is worth, by Springfield from the speakers of the house sound system. ‘Man,’ I said 'Nam is bad, I mean really bad to the roots. We gotta get out of there. ‘ ‘You're so different from me,’ Rico said, ‘I stand by those things and never give it any thought.’ ‘Bless Jane’, and I just said’ fuck Nam.’ ‘Okay guys you know the bosses of the house, I am going to my friends' and Jeff walked into another room. ‘Good fellow,’ said Richard. ‘Yes,’ I replied, and took a sip from my glass which was still half full and I thought, Jeff is different from the others we have met so far at work.

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