The hidden years in Canada 28, the spear of power

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Spear of power

‘Are you the milkman,’ laughed Shirly, ‘I've been waiting for you’ and she pulled me inside and I smiled sheepishly. ‘I have something for you, a present,’ I replied. ‘Not here,’ she said. ‘No, I mean a purchased gift,’ I said, ‘a real gift.’ ‘You are for now, my present,’ she laughed. . It struck me that it was a weird sentence, as if our time would be demarcated but I looked at her and forgot what I would have even had in my head. Men think with their most loyal supporter and repair the damage afterwards and women steer the lives of men and never lose control. I was pushed into the bathroom and she turned on the shower, 'just go and be nice and clean, ‘she laughed, and we'll see what kind of gifts we all have,’

So I stood within 5 minutes after coming home under a shower. ‘It has been long enough,’ she said, ‘I declare you clean. Let's see if that's true and she knelt on her heels in front of me. ‘This time she did not hold back and when I hung against the wall, she explained that it was a gift because I had come home on time. So wash yourself well , she advised me and then come to the living room. I tried to get my head back together again  while I was under the shower again. My life had changed dramatically within two days, I tried to organize the events, but I was in another world, the world of the huntress Shirley, who had just weakened her prey.

When I stepped out of the bathroom I could smell the sickly sweet smell of incense. There were some pillows on the floor and the curtains were drawn. Small tea lights placed on the floor were  burning here and there. ‘I bought a book, she said, when she came in. ‘Go and sit  down and relax.’ I pushed myself on a cushion and looked at her questioningly. ‘‘ Take a drink, but just enough to have no thirst, she instructed me. Obediently, I took a sip of water. ‘Do not swallow it, she said warm it up in your mouth, I am coming to get a sip and I experienced something incredible, our lips met and she drank from my mouth. ‘Now you are free to drink,’ she said. ‘Next you'll drink from me but in a different way.’


I wanted to say something about the book and then realized that the book she had bought, perhaps had to do with this whole thing. ‘Is this something you've read about, ‘I asked.’ Yes, ‘she said,’ there are also images which I will show you. Or do you want to wait a while? ‘‘ I'm curious, I said and from under the table emerged a book, 'mantra sex ‘it read,’ Kamdev mantra' .. 'I have studied it a little today, ‘she smiled to me, it was lust day yesterday and today is fine day. ‘‘ I know nothing of this, ‘I said. ‘That's the fun we're going to work our way through this book together tonight, as far as possible.’ So I was introduced into Oriental rites preceded by drawings and mastering a few phrases that you had to recite in order to maintain the intimate contact as long as possible. Alternated by a mantra.

I tried to retrieve another world for a minute with high-rises and dust and a lift but my mind did not allow it. Shirley was amazingly supple and slightly raised sat down almost against me. Do the stockings disturb you, she asked, her legs opened? ‘No, not really,’ I said and I swallowed involuntarily some spittle away. ‘Say what I think that you see. ' ‘You're beautiful,’ I said. ‘No,’ she said, ‘your look betrays you, you want me.’ I nodded but could not keep my eyes off of her. ‘I'm listening,’ she said, ‘I’ll tell you once and then you have to honestly say what you think and want.’ I could only nod. ‘You're a hot girl,’ she said about herself. I repeated it a little hoarse. ‘Now it's my turn,’ she laughed. ‘You're going to fill me up me’, she said very nice and deep.’ I felt myself grow involuntarily. ‘I want you,’ I said. ‘Good,’ she said, that was the first exercise.

‘Now you touch me where I lay your hand and then you tell me the same very slowly from your heart and you caress me gently, rubbing, barely touching, and then I want, when I nod, to hear mantras. ‘I have no idea how that goes,’ I confessed. A + A + A + U + M (o3m) ‘It's not difficult but it  should be genuine. It is the mantra of creation. I will never forget you and I want to be connected with you by the mantra. ‘ AaaoooM, ‘I tried. ‘No,’ she said, ‘with all your lung capacity and do the Aaaum-ing slowly while following my wish. ‘She grabbed my right hand and licked me softly between my fingers and placed them on the spot when she felt vulnerable and deliciously warm and which I expected would give me great pleasure. I began, slowly rubbing and stroking while I said, 'You're a hot girl, I want you. ‘ I looked and stroked very gently and occasionally I pushed the spear inside. She moaned and nodded. AaaoooM I breathed slowly and I saw that she was struggling not to move.


I took her hand and kissed the inside of the palm and put her hand on my head. ‘ You are going to pound me, ‘she said,’ very nice and deep. ‘She stroked and ruffled through my hair when I nodded, and gently sounded the Aoummm mantra. My hand was placed intimately again and I thought she would never nod for the recitation order, but it did come. I pulled my damp hand back and licked it for a second, tasting her.

‘Stop,’ she said, ‘slide a little more towards me 'and she guided my rock-hard friend to the opening. ‘Do not move,’ she said and pushed herself a tiny bit forward around me. My heart was fighting a hard battle. ‘ Do not move except when you threaten to lose contact, ‘she said,’ try it real hard. ‘We're going to take turns with auom mantra and then you can move a little, say two strokes and then recite the mantra.’ After an hour we were still taking turns reciting and moving a little while doing so. I began to experience a sensitivity that almost drove me mad .. ‘Now another bit forward,’ she said, ‘and now you look me in the eyes and I will hold you.’

After half an hour I was nearly crazy, but I struggled to control myself and not go jumping and leaping through the room to bring it to an end. ‘Oh,’ came the failed mantra of Shirley and again but with an animal groan. My toes tightened but I did not surrender, but I felt inside her pulsing, I was on the verge. ‘I want you now, ‘she said, very gently I pulled her against me and the dam broke and tidal wave after wave I emptied and I could not think, but she did not let go and we finally rolled over.


Aauooom After a while, the entanglement broke lose and I was first up and I kissed her passionately and said, ‘That was great, thank you.’ ‘Thank you, milkman,’ she smiled, and with that normalized matters. She went in to shower before me and when I stepped into the room, there was still a faint smell of incense present and the lights were back on, the tea lights had gone. ‘We will order a pizza now,’ she said and dialled a number. ‘I think it's time for your present, ‘I said, handing her the record. ‘How sweet,’ she said, ‘how very sweet, I have not had presents for years. These are the things you miss. ‘ We were watching the news with half an eye when it was announced that the Apollo 10 had been launched and was heading for the moon with a speed of 39 000 kilometers per hour. They would orbit the moon and return, the next mission in July, would feature the actual landing.

The bell rang and the pizza boy brought us a pizza box , a size you only see in North America, family size. I switched off the TV and put the record on. The arm fell slowly and found the first groove and we listened to a voice that spoke poetically,  casting spells. ‘This is a perfect evening,’ said Shirley, ‘it should always be like this.’ 'I think it can, ‘I said. ‘What day is it tomorrow tender day or party day? ‘Things do not always go as we want,’ she said. ‘Tomorrow is neither, tomorrow is the working day for me.’ ‘Tomorrow you cannot sleep here, nor the day after tomorrow because I have night shift. Where do you actually work, Shirley, ‘I asked?’ That's not important, ‘she said. ‘Come and we’ll go hopping about a bit. Monday I’ll see you again at 7 sharp.'


San Daniel March 2015

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