The hidden years in Canada 26, the wreath

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The wreath

We were taken aback and nobody spoke about what happened and it surprised us that we saw in the afternoon Kurt steps from the cage. He had a somber-looking man with him, they walked around, but remained far from the edge of the road work. Kurt had a safety helmet on, which wasquite ridiculous, there was nothing above us that could fall down, just gray sky. They talked for a while with the lip and got back into the cage without greeting us and  a moment later the car started moving down to a safer location.

When we were together waiting for a new load that the crane was picking up, the lip beckoned us. We went in a huddle around him. ‘Look,’ said the lip, ‘it is not difficult, it was the boss with someone from the insurance company.’ We nodded, we had recognized Kurt. ‘Let me tell you what happened today,’ said the lip. ‘Today a colleague of ours was blown from the site, he had no safety line on. He stepped out of the cage and a gust of wind took him off balance and he fell down. ‘ Rico and I  must have looked surprised, because the lip stopped and gave us a long look. ‘Do you understand what I say,’ he asked? ‘We cannot use nonsense stories here. Stories lead their own lives. If another story comes from here then mine, the one that repeats it is fired. There is here at least a year's work waiting. ‘

‘We cannot be held responsible for 'acts of God', say force majeure.’ If Mama Fuzzy was blown away before he clicked hissafety line on, then that is unfortunate but these things happen. ‘ I could not believe my ears. ‘Kurt and our company representative will try to pay an extra month's pay, which is unnecessary in it’s goodness.’ 'You know,' said Rico, 'what was there again with Freddy now?' ‘I don’t know,’ said the lip. ‘ We were not there, ‘I suppose he was taken along for that little problem yesterday with the Indians.’ ‘Exactly,’ I said, ‘let me put it differently Louis'.  Is Kurt afraid Fuzzy's parents would sue the company? ‘ The lip looked away from us. ‘I do not know what Kurt thinks, ‘he replied,’ but I think it's a nice gesture from our boss, ‘ ‘Really, ‘I asked,’ Do you really believe that? '' 'It is not important what I think, answered the lip. I tried to shake him awake. 'Lip, ‘I said,’ did Harold have bloodstains on his clothing, or was there nothing left of him, when you saw him? ‘


Louis looked further away from us, ‘Do you want to know how it was,’ he asked? ‘ Nothing remains left of you. They head was still presentable, the rest went into the box and you know what they were doing, you really want to know what they do and what they've done with the rest of Fuzzy? ‘ I understood that we would get to hear something unpleasant. ‘God Damned,’ said the lip, ‘they just spray you away with a high pressure hose, into the sewage. ‘I did not know,’ I said, ‘it is clear to me.’ ‘It does not matter what has happened,’ said the lip, ‘it's over and closed.’ ‘Oh yes,’ said the lip, 'something else,' 'Kurt is considering to pay us an extra day's pay just for the shock and so. '' You know what he can do with it, ‘Rico said. ‘I don’t want to know because then I might have to repeat it one day,’ replied the lip. ‘ I find that pretty good of Kurt, ‘I said,’ but it seems to me blood money 'and then the lip cringed. ‘ I do not want it and I know something better, why don’t we buy from that money a wreath to his parents in the prairie.‘

'Lip, ‘I continued,’ you are the messenger you have not thought up the message. I have nothing against you, but just imagine that the boss takes someone on, who is crazy. Imagine also that something happens, that the crazy man hurts someone badly, who's responsible for it then? ‘ ‘If something like that were to happen,’ said the lip, ‘then that's the end of the business. A claim would be filed that we could never meet. ‘ But, ‘he hastened to say,’ Such situations are unthinkable and fortunately do not happen. ‘‘ Fortunately, ‘I repeated,’ nice for Mama Fuzzy. ‘It does not matter for Fuzzy anymore,’ said Louis ‘and now men, we know where we stand, here comes the load.’


‘We are less than worthless, less than the Kurt’s dog,’ I said as we sat on the top steel beam. Rico nodded. ‘If someone would run over the Kurt’s dog he would immediately file a claim for mental cruelty.’ ‘But Fuzzy was blown away, can you believe it?’ ‘Will you just keep your wits about you,’ Rico said, ‘we are 16 high and working on the 17th, on a steel beam. Let it go, it does not matter anymore. ‘As the hours passed and when the terrain whistle blew end of the day, we stood together in the cage. ‘Okay,’ said Louis, ‘so I’ll tell the boss that our extra money goes to a wreath 'and we nodded. ‘I like it when you buy it or seek out,’ I said. ‘Oh,’ the lip looked questioningly. ‘Then at least I know that there was actually one bought.’ ‘You know, he said, Kurt is not the worst of them all, he pays it out of his own pocket, transportation of the remains to Fuzzy's village.’ ‘Great,’ I said, 'Well, everything is good again. ‘Rico said again,’ let it go.’ ‘But I saw far away, a boy who had hardly beard growth, in the distance on the prairie with horses stepping around him, he looked proud and waved at us.’ The cage came down, and the spell was broken.

‘I want to see the receipt of the wreath, lip, no more.’ Louis looked at us with unhappy eyes and we walked to the parking lot. The Pontiac growled once deep and then ran smoothly, some things just do not change in this life. After having dropped Rico off, I went towards Shirley and per minute that I drove, I got away from all the misery and closer to coming home, I sighed and turned on the radio.

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