The hidden years in Canada 23, partners

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The partners

The apartment was slightly off center, Shirly lived in a nice area. It looked modern and impersonal and when we stepped inside, she said, ‘I rented it for a few weeks from a colleague who now works in another city.’ ‘Oh,’ I said, without asking why. We had left Rico and Debbie in Toby's jug. ‘Rico,’ I had said, ‘make sure that you are ready on time, I’ll drive past and we’ll go to work.’  I would let the evening roll by without giving it further direction whatsoever. Too much had happened in too short a time. The murderous Indians and the offending drunk Fuzzy gave me a sense of not wanting further complications, the candle had been burnt to the end. I had a vague idea that we would end up in bed but I felt also felt uncertain there. Exactly what would be expected of me?

That became clear very quickly, ‘have a nice sit down,’ she said adding that she was going to enjoy a  fine shower. I tried to look as  if it was the most natural thing in the world and said, ‘Sure.’ ‘Better yet,’ she continued, ‘why don’t you come in there with me, I can give you a good scrubbing.’ A sheepish boy I was. I had grown strong by loading and unloading heavy materials in construction for  months without an ounce of fat. We were tough talking about ladies at work but clay in the hands of the very first woman who went hunting. ‘I’ll  put the shower on and I’ll call you,’ she laughed. I could go away I thought, when I was a little later alone in the living room looking at the street. I was not even sure if I wanted this, I actually did not know what I wanted, there was even a time when I thought I’ll sneak away. Suddenly I knew what was up, the roles were reversed. I had been picked up, we always impressed each other at work with all the stories and we wanted to make out with the girls, and tough stories, being complemented by others at work, we always supposedly had our conquests, but in reality conquests are only the limit that divine women allow us.


I had been proclaimed by Shirly as her hootchie kootchie boy and she had just taken me and now I stood there three high looking down at my car. ‘Hi tiger,’ she said when she was in her dressing gown and stepped into the room again, ‘I've already clicked the lights on above the bed. ‘She went to the refrigerator and took out two cokes,’ Those will waiting for us when we get thirsty in the bedroom. ‘I had lost my mind, my mind was now located in my most loyal supporter, that really became impatient in it’s growth. 'Come on, ‘she said,’ boys must be clean. ‘She started loosening buttons, while her gown fell apart. I got with one foot out of my boot by putting the other sharply against the sole of the other and then fought to get he other boot out. I suddenly was in a terrible hurry and I was so incredibly eager that I couldn’t the other boot out fast enough.

My shirt was off and her hands started rubbing my upper arms and shoulders, gently kneading my muscles, her nipples stroked now and then along with my chest. ‘Oh,’ she said, ‘what are we strong, strong boy, are you such a strong boy?’ Her nipples were now pointed hard. My IQ had dropped to minus zero. She could murder me, sacrifice me or whatever I had been brought into the state of paradisical oblivion. ‘ So, ‘she said, as if comforting her dog,’ Now let's see what surprises the big boy has for me. ‘ When my belt hung loose and my button and zipper were undone by gentle kneading hands, she freed my staunchest supporter who pranced, and rose to great heights. ‘ Oh, ‘she cooed,’ You're a big boy. ‘ She held me like I was a handle and with the other hand she pulled my jeans down impatiently. ‘You, I will not let go,’ she chuckled, ‘I’ve got some work for you.’

No one at work would believe this and  I immediately thought punitive about it, I will never talk at work about this, this is ours. On the way to the shower she advised me to take off my socks, which was not so easy because I was still in a vice like grip. She pulled me with one hand, and let go of me just for a moment to slip off her robe. She had total control. The hot water enveloped me and I was soaped and scrubbed and a moment later she came past me and knelt before me and when her mouth closed around me, I thought I would die exploding.

But she did not allow me to do so and stopped in the nick of time. ‘So,’ she said, ‘was that fine, big boy, you liked that right good?’ I could only nod. ‘So why don't you lift me over you now?’ Drywall weighed around 60 kilo's and I was glad that I was used to lifting the whole day. With ease I lifted her gently and let her oh so slowly, down around me. What I can still remember is that with the least possible movements we were both screaming excitedly. ‘ Now we’ll have a drink, ‘she said,’ and I'll show you where we can sleep. ‘


‘A moment later,’ she said, approvingly, ‘I see war strength 'and I was ridden like a stallion from Mama Fuzzy. In the middle of the night I woke up because Shirley had found me again. My foreskin now  began to hurt badly and I was happy afterwards, when she fell  asleep. I showered and the smell of fried eggs with bacon greeted me, when I stepped out of the bathroom. ‘Come and sit here,’ she said, ‘your breakfast is ready 'and I did. The toast was laid beside my plate and I also got a mug of coffee. I ate while she was looking at me with a smile. Slowly she walked to the table, ‘you are coming again to some strength,’ she said, laughing. ‘Hmm delicious,’ I said, ‘I'm being spoiled.’ ‘That's nothing,’ she said, ‘I  don’t want you to forget me and I want you to come home at 7 o'clock pm sharp. ‘She ducked under the table and her lips found my humble little friend. I tried to push her away because I thought she was kidding. But the rod grew to war strength and while the coffee sought the way down, I was lost in an unequal fight and my last drops of ‘evil liquids’ spilled. She gave me a cleansing lick and I said, ‘I really should go.’ I just about jumped in my jeans and sprinted away.

‘Seven o'clock,’ she called after me. Rico was waiting in front of the house the house, I rushed inside and put on my working clothes and 5 minutes later we were in the car on our way to work. ‘Was it any good’ asked Richard? ‘We just went to sleep, I said,’ too tired huh? ‘ Funny, I thought she fancied you, ‘said my friend.’Yeah I, had that impression, as well, ‘I said,’ but the evening had been rather eventful. ‘So you will sleep tonight in my mom's home,’ he asked? ‘No, not again,’ I said, she was nice and she expects me, so I'll go along. ‘You should never keep a lady waiting, ‘Rico thought and I confirmed that with a nod.

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