DNA and genes expression: Humans are they able to settle in life...?

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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ1WRjDif7JRWj5UhdotEkMany people seem settled but arent really settled... 

They have taken a place.. and find that settled.. but its a half soul living within a world where you can be your true self and can live that out. 


... they arent really settled yet... really settling holds a feeling of being totally happy and of well being.. able to live and to be a complete person. Fully accepted, addapted and able to live on your own with your own life. Grown, finest, and having a good future. Life is then well for you. 

To really settle down somewhere you must know all this below. So sit down and please read all carefully and then see where life will take you. I hope you'll find a better place. To really live better and very well. So all you' ll built up in life will life even after you. Like your children. 


 You'll be ending on a place that suits till it suits...

Where you are able to review all your plans...

  • Will all your plans still fit in this scenery?
  • Can you develop further and completly in this place?
  • Can you have children in this environment?
  • Can you live here till you are really old?
  • Will all best of this place remain, so you can stay?
  • What are others doing? Do they want to change essential things in your environment?

All will suit till it suits... You'll fit here till you can not further addapt and be... 

When climate changes. Wars occure. When people don't accept you anymore. When others want things of you that aren't appropriate or fitting your life. When sources for life are getting empty. People will move. And that's for the better. You must always look out for the best ways of living. That's what people do. It's how they have survived as a specie. 


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRLBx7U4T6yVoIUoTUURv3Humans are naturally living

We need water, we need food, we need a good place to built a house, we need best neighbours to stay alive. We can not just live. 

('Cause others find we must... For rulers its easy to demand people to stay, but life has to be best, then people automatically stay, without someone telling them too... people have this real perspective, of having to really live... ordering around is not enough, to create reality... Especially where people can earn an income, because of other humans, people have to stay real. Life is about a good living and real surviving perspectives, not about incomes... Income can be created after having the best environment to live in... Then work has a use. And that has only real use in the best environments. It's useless to work in worse places... It does help to get all people in best places. That must be our focus, to be sure all people are best off... and have the same best living... Although there is choice... Some see some options in other places... It's why chosing where you want to live is free... ) 

Living is all day long. And all days of your life. Environments can shorten your life or giving an extra lenght to it. 

We all want to live happy, long and best. So we can help each other out, but in the end we still need not just a good social life... All in the social circle need access to life sources as well. And have to be safe in the climate and within the changing atmosphere earth has... The earth is also developing and changing. Humans evolve. All species evolve. 

So a moving energy always goes around the earth. No mater how many people live on it. 


Best is to really be sophisticated and to be on the best spot you can be...

It makes you happier and all around you happier too..

All people are then welcomed... and warm... And living really best...

So babies and children can grow up better. Also more natural.  Simply cause parents are happiest... and have better perspectives... live will bring them to a good home... 


Where ever their home is...

Genes have spreaded around the world although we are one same specie...

But actually have different ideas too, because of the smaller parts of the genes that have changed in our groups...

Although we are one kind... we do have a bit tiny differences in families... its all about what are we expressed too and what is expressed to us... it goes both ways around...

Although changes aren't very huge... Some skins lost some colour... Some skins have a bit more hair... Some noses are longer. The differences are so small. It's only noticable when you focus on them. But all have same nose, ears, eyes, mouths etc. And hairs on the head. We all have same kind of arms and legs. And are developing in a same way. We are human kind. It's not even as extremely diverce as house cats can be... Having different ancestors... a tiger, a lion, a panter etc... although those are all cat kind. We are even more alike. We have same monkey ancestors. 

It's like a group of siamese cats. All siamese, but one has a bit longer black end on the tail, then the other. And some have green and blue eyes, others only blue. 

But we humans have lived around the entire world and have changed a bit, because of isolation and different environments. Like some places on earth have more sunshine all year around, then other places. 

We all started on the same piece on earth. That started drifting. In different pieces around the world. I think siamese cats don't even live that long as humans already do. 

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQqvMuKw_jb8H0gmKFT3CWSo we have had a longer time in evolution to see small changes within human families, then those very new type of cats. But all are still even the complete same kind. It's like with labrador dogs... Because one puppy had a bit bigger tummy. It doesnt mean it's now a different kind of dog. There will not be a new kind simply, cause one family of dogs have different details. 

Because of isolation some people can have been alienated to others within this same kind. Then it's like how children who didn't grow up with their real parents can be alienated. While some others naturally still feel a band and can surprise us, by still knowing naturally inside, that this can be their biological parent. 

How you could develop your intuition also depends on whats demenaded of you in your personel life. Some environments were exposed to wars and autoritian people. Other groups and families could remain themselves in the jungle. Developing their true hearts and intuition. 

So that we do or dont even recognize each other can also have different reasons. But family we all are. 

The different human personel and feelings to certain hobby's and interessests, within specific families, is a very beautifull genetic expression that I find extremely interesting and will study more about. Families can become a bit of a type of their own. They lived a certain time together with the same people. And can have developed into a certain family with a ruling atmosphere within the family... I did see already that indeed within families many people have same interests. But sometimes not. Older genes could have caused the differences within young new families. One child can look like a grandparent from extremely far away and from some generations ago and can have because of that some complete different hobby then another child can have that looks more like the grandparent across the street that loves the same things as that last child. 

These differences can be caused by genes that are expressed to their environment and can be a style of living taught to people from that environment. It can also depend on what kind of IQ the genes actually will express. Or because of other gene expressions, that the entire group of families within a region carry within their bodies. Or simply one family hold in their genetic system.

Some people have very smart genes and have because of that a certain interest... But overall all best genes within human kind will rule. And because of that all people will always remain to look alike. Over time the best surviving genes will lead and rule.

So the entire human kind will develop into smarter and better fitting "animals"... able to live with the environment. That is in our case the earth. We even are capable to understand a lot of the environment and that alone will help our human kind to survive on earth. When we are grown we can get very old. That well we can work with the natural environment. 

Another note is. We humans live on earth cause in the earths water life was able to create. After that life could create animals in that water. After animals in the water further developed, also some of them became animal kinds able to live on the land. After that many kinds of animals were developed. Also dinosaurs. And after that many animals created through the changing life we live in and because of that we are changing kinds... Smaller types of animals were created. Perhaps that way they had better survival possibilities.Like the elephant is a smaller kind then its ancestor. And birds are little dinosaurs. Humans are a bit bigger then their ancestors. The monkey... We learned to stand. And grow out to be a bigger kind. With bigger eyes and more and more feelings. 

But we must feel and understand the changing aspect of kinds on earth. To know who we are. And to understand we could have been anything, made out of all elements in the universe. But here the elements could create life. And that for we are living on earth. 


So we are ourselves with influences, but we still change?  

Its evolution ...

We do change... Our genes are about what can survive and win... and that what lives will be...

its always about "fitting" in...

The big note to this changing idea is...

  • if we aren't exposed to anything, we aren't changing fittingly to all thats around...
  • if we are exposed to much we change only into that what's exposed... so there is a smarter idea whats best to be exposed too... but then we must also understand whats best to be exposed too... to expose to best...

when we all are who we are we at least have genes to guide us to at least fit in the life on earth ...


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTDfbtjz-I1tibqf2Yh2lWAnd work with our personel maximum...

Us humans have their boundaries. Like how life has it's boundaries. With clay we can built houses, bath in, but can not eat it. We can use fire for fireplaces, but can not touch fire longer then some seconds with bare hands. We would burn. 

We can not use all on earth for all we could want. It all has it's boundary. But also fire can go out. And sources of water can dry out. 

To all in life there is an end. A maximum possibility. A way to work with it.  

Inside ourselves we also can experience our personel maxes. Like someone else can be smarter. Someone else can feel deeper. Someone else can sense better. Someone else can see more far. 

So you can find out who you are compared to others. Besides knowing what the human kind is. How well does your human system work, compared to all people around. 

You''ll simply will do your best you can do, within this changing atmosphere and being a part of a changing kind. That lives with only changing kinds on earth. Within a huge universe with everywhere the same elements. But here life is created for us. Here our life was possible. 



If we then are exposed to and exposing ourselves to all that is around us... we'll fit as a human that is surviving...

To live not much is needed. We simply have to give it to every human. Then we'll see all humans survive and live well. 

Water, food, housing, clothing, good climate and better ideas to live even better and prettier and nicer. For that we must be able to make connections. Like internet and transportation.


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRnnJepX-mxXYR9BPn5O7oIf we are pushed into a certain way of living...

Then we aren't starting well, because the pushed into life in a certain unnatural style is not naturally fitting into the natural world.  

When we start with that not fitting to our environment, we'll also will not expose our real self... So others will not be able to have us naturally for themselves. They can not end up complete because we aren't complete. So their start will not be completly well as well. Everyone needs to be complete, and that comes out of starting well and ability to grow out to be. Which means able to remain our true self and able to let that true self grow up. To a true mature self.  That is in the core of our being all life is. To become ourselves and become a mature true self. 

To not be exposed to a fitting surroundings... will lead to a not fitting feeling and will make us unhappy... Missing our true selves... 

To grow up as our true selves in our lives we could see what our family tree actually is...

We can see within our family tree what have pushed our ancestors into their certain lifestyles. And what was the will of their genes. What parts of our families have lived authentically as themselves in history. And who couldn't be who they truly are? All family before you have created your life and because of that are a part of the outcome of your life today. If you know more about your family tree, you know more about you. And can lead yourself back to more power in that life you live. All people deserve to live equally. But all people have lived in history with empires and the ruling will of others. If your family could be the maximum selves and able to give you the best in life, really depends on what your family members were alowed to be. 

So if in your family studying wasn't a normal situation. The genes weren't expressed to that situation as long as a family that invented book press and were all always their entire family tree in history able to read. 

There many different aspects in life that can be found back in the family tree. 

If you know schools weren't affordable for your family, you can in this life change your family around by adding more studies in this family. So your true self can come out. But also the true self of the entire family. 

No matter what the outcome is of your family we all want the best for all families. In the end everyone is family. We want best for all. If your family now can create 10 new doctors by finding out what you could focus on. Like with this study example. We all have the benefit. Able to now reach out to one of those 10 doctors when we are in need. Rather an entire world full with doctors then none... So the extra work on these important life changing details are tremendous in the end... For the rest of our total family tree as a human kind. 


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSB0wN_G5msvNTTEblJhdKWe can learn to do better then what people before could do... 

So we all will fit again within our environment... 

Thats what developing is. Using all senses .And able to register more and more of the world. Able to use all registered in the brain, to work with all we have collected and worked with inside our brain. It's like eating. The world is our food. And we sense, so we eat. We eat all up. And then create thoughts aout it. If we can eat more then others, we 'll understand more then others. And don't worry your mind can each as much as it wants. You'll not get fat. So eat it all up. Use all your senses and work with all that you can, to create better and better ideas and plan better work after all the hard work inside your mind. The world will become a better place, because of your actions. 

Using all senses. Will let us all fit in the world better. Using all senses better will make us understand more of life. So when we eat as much as we can of it. We can use all we eat better and better. 

We'll addapt better, we'll be able to do more with the same world. And that will lead to a more pleaserable life for all people on earth. 

its a lovely puzzle ... its life.. to see where we fit in... and how we fit better. 

Now we know who we are... and what to do... to create a better place to settle down. And to find better places to settle down better. So we now know where to move too... Remember...


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR01HDcCngRjHu24Qm0xcdAll people can move around the globe.

So also our friends will move around... all moving people around the globe cause a constant changing atmposphere of "sweet spots of information", it's how we can name those collaborations.

Our own brain can have such sweet spots. where all we learned will create new ideas. But also in collaborations with others we can find such sweet spots. Spots were information melts together and we can create new ideas. 

Melting our information together into work and plans for environments... creates new and better jobs and lifestyles.

When our friends move around again, after our tremendous and good work together, we can meet new people with new insights. So our spots of information will melt with new ideas as well. It's how life on earth keeps changing...

For a while we can depend on the spots and then those good working spots will disapear... To create new good working spots. With the purpose to have only good working places in  the entire world in the end.

This changing atmosphere is also how bad people can hide though... Within the chaos that life sometimes can be, because of these changes. People can hide and try to change the good working spots into not good working ideas.... They wait for these sweet spots, our melting pots, when they are chaotic... to push all to what they want...

But if we all are capable to enter all the best sources... And all have acces to free education. And we all can be one big globe together... Which will make the world smaller. They can go no where... The smaller the big world is the less chances such people have. And the more all good spots can survive. All we achieved together then, is a remaining source for new others.

And not to forget there are also always people waiting till there is balance and a  calm atmosphere either... Life will be brought back to balance that way, when others have tried to ruin a good working spot. 


So settling down should be realistic and for the better.

And is actually temporary and sometimes for longer times, if the world gives you that chance... It depends... I hope you all try now even harder to keep finding the best spots to live. All deserve best! 

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