My love for this website

Door BAYWATCH gepubliceerd op Wednesday 18 March 20:35

I love plazilla, I `am having a great time writting and publishing my stories.

What can i say i am having a ball.

i am writting this artikel, in english because i would like everybody to know that i still think , that people like mee are having a great time and met a beautiful people .

Till now i have written 94 artilels or stories, which, i love and written, in any way i wanted to, so my readers can apperciate, and in mean time let mee know what they found.

I would like to thank each of one, for the kind reactions that they left, for mee, so from the bottom of my heard i would like to thank you my friends.

Thank you for having mee, and to be able to be one of your friends, god bless you all, especially big thanks to the master TIM.

To tell you all the truth never in my mind i thought that i would write as mutch stories as I did, but with your help , and your wisdem and kindness that you all show mee i will go on, and write more and keep on doing so.

You are the best, every each of you.

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