The hidden years in Canada 14, the lip

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The lip

The first aid station was clean. In construction, everything is dusty, cement causes that. Cement or concrete always dust away and is hard but not hard-wearing, there are always gushes of dust around. Place Concord was a large construction site that justified such a post. Two towers were were being thrown up with in between the second floor, a  platform with a shopping center. On the platform, an artificial park to be built with a bar and tennis courts there might  at the peak a 1000 of us working there and then with so many people in the construction you need such a post. A radio was on, CKXL, it was beyond dispute, the station was fast becoming the most listened to station in Calgary. Mashmakan came rolling out of the speaker, this time it was not children of the sun but ‘as years go by.’ They were also hammering ahead and how. As so often with music from that time, the organ had a strong input that was essential in conjunction with a lead guitar. A big man in a white coat was reading a newspaper.

 Lip said, ‘Good morning, is this the meat factory?’ The man looked up and was immediately serious. ‘Come this way,’ he said. Moments later, I held my hand over a stainless steel sink. ‘Let's start to wash it out a bit,’ he said, and he squirted a huge plastic bottle of carbonated water in the wounds, he continued squeezing the bottle until the water was running out of the wounds and was no longer bubbling. It burned in a way that cannot be described. ‘Hold his arm briefly,’ said the giant in the white coat. Open and close your hand, ‘said the man now and I did that with some pain.


‘The extensors and flexors are good,’ he murmured. ‘ Tendons, ‘he explained, when he saw me look. ‘That I cannot attach than I’d have to send you to the hospital. A little something we want to test, hold him tightly, 'he advised the lip. Who shifted his grip to something that can only be described as a vice. '’So the giant said gently, ‘You are lucky if the tendons had been cut they jump back like the snapping strings of a guitar. I'll spare you what must be done to get that fixed up. This is not going to be pleasant,’ he said, ‘but very necessary‘ He came with a needle that he pushed into a  fingertip. ‘Aaah,’ I said at one time and although I wanted to help, I unconsciously tried to pull my arm back. ‘Look,’ said the man, ‘this is your lucky day, even your nerves are still intact. Nasa we have take off,’ laughed the man, ‘now we can get to work.'

Ocean was now being broadcast by CKXL from the speaker, with ‘Put Your Hand in the Hand of the man that stilled the waters ','if you’ve seen it all,’ growled the lip, ‘then you get the Jesus freaks on your roof. ' ‘Oh,’ the man said, ‘I think it's appropriate, your mate is holding your hand and I stopped with the carbonated water.’ I realized that he spoke much to distract me. ‘So upsy Daisy, now the wound needs some cutting and then we can get started.’ ‘Oh,’ said the lip, ‘I do not like this’ and he went very pale. ‘Hey big boy,’ said the man with the clippers, 'look the other way then you have no problems. It's not as bad as it seems. ‘That proved to be a lie, it was worse than it looked. The jagged edges were trimmed and in the meantime the man sang the text along with Ocean. It was clear he had frequently done this sort of thing.

‘Now you’ll be a brownie,’ laughed the giant, and filled the wound with iodine. The pain was intense and then the nerves were stunned by the overkill of incentives. He came up with a hook shaped needle and put it just through the flesh, for a man with such big hands he was particularly sensitive, he made a knot and pulled it on 'and now Uncle John will stitch you up a bit, ‘he chuckled. 'Boy you are stitched today. ‘ The biggest wound was now artificially put together, it ran half around my middle finger. ‘The rest is peanuts,’ said the man and honestly within five minutes he was ready and you only saw the black threads that really stood out on my skin. ‘Three fingers attached, which is a sacred number,’ he continued, ‘don’t bend them. You'll want to do it anyway because if something, the compulsion to do so will be very present but I do not want the stitches rupture. '


‘In a week you just cut with scissors things beneath the knott and then pull the threads out. Do you have any questions? ‘ ‘No,’ I shook my head. ‘So,’ he said, ‘that is nice because there comes Drystale catering and I could use some coffee.’ The lip offered to get the coffee. Meanwhile, the giant explained that it was so good that the post was there. ‘If you wait too long,’ he said, ‘ you can’t stitch it anymore. The lip came in with three coffee. ‘I'll give you some pills along, that will stop infections that you take three days, it is wise that you do not drink alcohol, is that clear? Otherwise I may as well not give them. ‘ ‘I understand,’ I replied. New, new as from England, at the top of your dial at 114: CKXL, Mary Hopkins, yes folks, this is a lady to keep an eye on. note here she comes then announced the cheerful voice: 'those were the days, my friend, ‘the thin enchanting voice, now filled the room,’ Indeed, ‘grinned the man,’ this is a day you will not forget 'and he was right there.

In the elevator the lip said, ‘that is no longer packing or tightening bolts for you today.’ You finish this day and you come back tomorrow, otherwise you’ll get fired, that is how it works here. ‘ At the 14th the cage stopped. ‘But I cannot exert force,’ I said, 'you know,' said the lip, we are all in the same boat, if you come back Monday then you can just work again, then the stitches really will not split anymore. ‘ ‘You’ll get the control  panel with buttons and intercom and you're talking two days with the crane driver’. Louis was perhaps called the lip and had a big mouth, but he was good, primitive but good, with a golden heart. ‘Then you can for instance on Thursday, buy me a few beers in the Queens'.’ Top. ‘I said, thanks man.’ Fuck off, ‘said the lip, who did not like being soft. ‘Hey,’ he shouted past me to Mama Fuzz who was taking a smoke. ‘Were you stillborn? To work, you lazy faggot. ‘

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