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The hidden years in Canada, 11, Toby's jug

Door San-Daniel gepubliceerd op Saturday 14 March 08:16


Toby’s jug

It had been a fun evening and we sat in the morning, back in the car direction 44th avenue, while the rest of the world was sleeping out ‘We still have some time,’ said Rico, and he pointed to Phill's pancake house. You saw them popping up everywhere like mushrooms. Someone really wanted the pancakes breakfast formula to catch on in Canada. ‘Good idea,’ I said, ‘it's nice if you have something in the stomach when you go to work.’ If you are not served within 5 minutes then you are entitled to a free pancake,’ read a sign at the door. Fast food had been introduced,  it would eventually drive snack bar owners like Pop, out of business and the new generation, just after us would have no idea of ​​good food because they would no longer be able to make the comparison.

Within 5 minutes we had a mug of coffee and a plate of small pancakes that were swimming in maple syrup, a kind of syrup which is tapped from trees, just like they do with rubber in Indonesia. The girl came past to have a chat. ‘So boys,’ she began as she smiled kindly, ‘on the way to your work?’ I nodded with my mouth full and Rico jumped at the chance, yes, ‘he said,’ but we have no colleagues as pretty as you. ‘ ‘Oh,’ she laughed, ‘I'm glad to hear so, because then you’ll surely  come back.’ ‘You bet,’ said Rico 'but there are nicer places to meet. ‘ ‘Really,’ she said, ‘try me, you name one and maybe we can look in to that.’ ‘Toby's jug,’ Rico said. 'Whose jug, ‘I asked, surprised,’ what sort of joint is that? ‘ ‘Forgive my friend,’ said Rico, 'he's a cowboy and does not frequent sophisticated bars. ‘ ‘Oh,’ I said as I wiped my mouth, ‘this cowboy had better be going, the work is waiting for us.’

‘Wow,’ said the girl, ‘if you're a cowboy than you are studs.’ ‘Yeah something like that,’ said Rico, 'we are urban cowboys. We throw up buildings. ‘ ‘Oh,’ she said, ‘well, when going to Toby where can I find that? ‘ ‘Coincidentally we are going tonight,’ laughed Rico, He probably said we because I had the car. ‘Nice,’ she said, ‘I'm going out tonight with a girlfriend, where did you say Toby's was.’ ‘He didn’t say,’ I tried. 'Centre street and zero avenue, ‘laughed Rico. ‘You pancake is getting cold,’ I said. ‘Well boys until tonight,’ said the girl. ‘Richard,’ I said, ‘the last thing I feel like, is going out tonight to some Toby fellow. ' ‘Oh man,’ said Rico, 'they probably won’t come and she says that to every customer.

‘I doubt it,’ I said, ‘that lady is hunting and sees a free evening drinking on our account.’ ‘Well,’ Rico thought, 'it does not matter, we’ll wash up after work and  just go in there. ‘ We were right on time and the Pontiac was parked at the gate of the drywall company.


'Men,' said the lip, ‘First, I'm glad we all survived ladies night. Today we're going to get busy, we’ll start with the 15th floor, throwing it up.‘ Everyone looked serious, it would be a serious day. ‘What is not done today, we will finish tomorrow, Saturday, because we do not want to get behind. Starting Monday, we’ll then start work on the 16th floor. Who does not understand that. ‘ ‘I'm new,’ came a voice with a British accent, ‘I'm Howard. I do not know what this is all about. ‘ ‘That's just great,’ thought the lip, ‘that's the last thing we need, someone above there who cannot pull his weight.’ The voice belonged to a kind of lanky David Bowie. ‘Who hired you, moron,’ asked the lip? ‘A mister Kurt,’ said the man, oh boy, he spoke with a posh accent, he had probably just come flying in from London. ‘A mistuh Kurt, a mistuh Kurt,’ Louis copied him. ‘Hey man talk normal otherwise I have to move your jaw, The last thing I want after a night drinking is stupid whining around my head.’

‘So it is all hands on deck, You as well Pigpen leave your little truck as it is,and help us out up there.’ George looked ruefully but said, ‘you're the boss lip!’ ‘You know what, you pig, you  form a team with neat little Howie, the man of Mistuh Kurt.’ ‘Okay,’ George said with a wink. ‘We ‘ll meet at the outside elevator,’ said Louis, ‘take your sandwich with you, because we won’t come down ‘till  the evening,’ Howie would be down much sooner, but he did not know it yet.

San Daniel March 2015

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